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The Witch is a fast, stripped down combat Battleship modeled after the Warlock.


The Witch is a very fast Battleship and it is built from the same basic model as the Warlock. It has 6 Medium Turrets. The Witch's main visual difference from the Warlock is its lack of the engine ring near the back of the ship. This matches the "stripped down" description of the ship.

It's a very fast ship with a Top Speed of 110. It has (F) and (G) Spinals which are 4 Medium Cannons and 4 Medium Phasers.


The interior of the Witch is the exact same as the interior of the Warlock. There is a small teleporter pad that leads to a hallway stretching nearly the entire length of the ship. The hallway has three wider openings with a set of three windows on each side of the openings. The middle opening contains one large pilot's seat and a faction-colored neon screen.


  • Extreme mobility, slightly faster than the Ampharos.
  • High firepower from both Turrets and Spinals.
  • Lots of forward/backward turret range and lines of sight, backside is a very small blind spot.
  • Flexible Turrets, still capable of hitting smaller ships while dealing reasonable damage to Capital Ships.
  • Excellent PVP skills.
  • This ship is a great Pirating ship as it can tank low-level Starbases and kill miners even when they are close to their Starbase, while still being able to warp away.
  • Due to its high Speed and relatively high general durability, diving is a relatively easy task, however it's not completely immune to damage.
  • Good shield DPS of 160 and good hull DPS of 150


  • Vulnerable bottom against shield tanks.
  • Easy to swarm with small ships, or out-gun with heavily armed ships.
  • Weak to ships of its class.
  • Mostly laser turrets so hull can not be efficiently taken care of when only using turrets.


  • Use in pairs to maximize Spinal damage.
  • It can be used to protect larger ships from fighters, using it's turrets, or from larger ships, using it's spinals.
  • Use this for Pirating as it has very good Battleship speed and firepower, and is able to tank Starbases shortly to finish ships off.

 Version History

  • Received a test remodel in .62a1 (there was also a bug that removed its Spinals).
  • Buffed in .66b, increasing its shield from 2250 to 3250, its hull from 2000 to 2500, as well as receiving a Triple Heavy Laser.
  • Received a remodel in version .66k?
  • Nerfed health in .67b reducing 2500 shield to 2250 shield 2500 Hull to 2000 Hull.
  • Shield reduced to 2600, 3 Large Cannons and 2 Large Phasers changed to 4 Medium Cannons and 4 Medium Phasers in version .69a1.
  • 4 Medium Lasers replaced with 4 Dual Medium Lasers in version .75a5.
  • Explosion Size 40 ----> 265 .75a12


  • As of the latest version, the Witch and Warlock models are identical aside from the ring at the rear of the Warlock.
    Old witch model