Woolly Mammoth

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Woolly Mammoth is a reskin of the Mammoth.


The Woolly Mammoth was the most expensive Christmas Event 2017 ship with a price comparable to the Nyx. Though the ship is not visually different apart from always being brown, there are special features that set it apart from the original Mammoth.


The interior of the Woolly Mammoth is the same as the original Mammoth model; a small room containing a ladder which leads up to another small room containing some control panels and the pilot's seat.


  • Amazing versatility for a Miner.
  • Great mobility for a Miner.
  • Third highest health for a Miner, right behind the Orca.
  • A very fast Miner in terms of mining speed, making it the best refundable miner.
  • Doesn't require VIP.
  • Long range (5500 studs).
  • Has a faster mining rate than the famous Galaxy.


  • Very expensive, at a massively high build cost of 4.5 million credits (mainly due to the Class B Permit cost of 4 million credits).
  • Pirates would consider this as a trophy kill, since Woolly Mammoths are extremely rare and give off an insanely high bounty or bounty credits (albeit that comes from the Class B Permit), and the fact that it's destruction will most likely bounty wipe it's pilot due to the massive cost.
  • Aliens often target Miners.


  • Use your warp to move around to Ores that are close to you.
  • If you are looking to make money out of Trading as well, Mine one type of Ores only. This way that Ore's cost is reduced by a lot, allowing you to sell it at a Mega Base for a massive profit.
  • Use it in VIP Servers for maximum safety and amount of ores.
  • Never mine during a war, if you lose it, it will take an insanely long time to even get it back.
  • It's imperative that you watch the Minimap if mining on a private server or public server, as a couple of Swarmers could end you.
  • If you can, Mine on a Private Server; this way, Pirates can't disrupt your mining sessions.

Version History

  • It received a buff which replaced 8 Small Mining Lasers with 4 Medium Mining Lasers.
  • Received a buff which added 4 Tiny Mining Lasers; as of the buff, the Woolly Mammoth is the first of 2 ships to have Tiny Mining Lasers, with the Harvester being the second.
  • Received a buff in version ??? which saw a massive increase of health. Shield from ??? to 3500. Hull from 500 to 3500.
  • 4 Tiny Mining Lasers switched out with 4 Medium Mining Lasers and ore hold increased to 6500 in version .68e.
  • Ore Hold reduced from 6500 to 5000, Acceleration increased from 15 to 30 and Top Speed increased from 120 to 140 in version .70c.
  • Ore Hold increased to 6500, top speed increased from 140 to 150 in version .72e1.
  • Put in the new "Limited Editions (Permit)" build menu in version .73a3, Class A Permit (costs 18.5m credits) required in addition to the materials.
  • Cost heavily reduced in version .73a3 (permit required is now a Class B permit).
  • Shields and Hull reduced from 5,000 to 4,750 in version .75a10.


  • Frequently referred to as "Woolly".
  • One of the only Miners obtained from an event, along with the Festive Wasp, Coal Wasp, Patriotic Rorqual, Maple Orca, Freedom Galaxy and Snowy Advanced Miner.
  • Its total health of 9,000 makes this one of the tougher, if not better Miner class ships to use.
  • It has the same description as the Mammoth.
  • Between the Woolly Mammoth, and its normal buildable VIP counterpart, the Mammoth Miner; the Woolly Mammoth exceeds in health by 2,500 (2,750 for Shields, 250 less for Hull), Top Speed by 150, Acceleration by 38, Turn Speed by 0.4, Cargo Hold by 150, Ore Hold by 1500.
  • Most Galaxy players that own this ship hardly use it.
  • Used to have an ore hold of 6.5k even after RC made miners with 6.5k+ ore hold unrefundable. Its believed the devs thought the ship to be in no danger because few people owned it and hardly use it. However, after player DylanTheVillain101 was dock blocked by a group of Prospectors and Wyrms, they changed its ore hold from 6.5k to 5k and buffed its speed, acceleration, turn speed, and health.
  • Ore hold was later buffed from 5k to 6.5k and kept its buffs from earlier.
  • It is argued as to whether or not the Woolly Mammoth is actually better than the Galaxy, although Woolly Mammoth has some advantages that could make it better.
  • Used to be one of the rarest ships in the game of all time, with less than 15 people owning a Woolly Mammoth at one point.