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The Worm is a small Frigate modelled after the Wyrm.


The Worm is a Wyrm-sized Frigate with two Spinals and a Light Cannon, as well as a Wyrm-sized Cargo Hold. Its in-game description explains that it was specially designed for smugglers, Pirates, and scavengers.


The Worm looks nearly identical to the Wyrm from the outside. The pilot's seat is always the color of the player's faction. In front of the pilot's seat are a red screen and two joystick-like controls, similar to the layout of the Archangel.


  • High top speed.
  • Has both a Cannon and Phaser, making it balanced in terms of Spinal firepower.
  • The highest Cargo Hold of any build menu Frigate.
  • One of the cheapest Frigates.
  • Has higher Shields than the Wyrm, and a total of 10 more health points overall.
  • Good for hunting down stray aliens and taking the loot to sell at the Mega Base


  • Low health.
  • Spinals deal little damage.
  • It has less hull health than the Wyrm.
  • Its Turret won't do much damage at all, even if a ship is on Hull.
  • Unlike the Wyrm, it cannot see wrecks from far away.
  • Vulnerable underside.
  • Terrible acceleration, being three times slower than the giant E Class.


  • Never target ships such as the Ampharos, since they can destroy you easily.
  • Use the Worm like a Wyrm but with a little bit of defense.
  • Fly in groups to maximize firepower.
  • When attacking Miners, you don't have to worry about losing your ship because of how cheap it is.
  • Use this ship for Pirating.
  • Don't forget that if you shoot another ship before docking at Mega Base, you will be in hostile mode.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in .65b
  • Cargo Hold nerfed from 250 to 100 in an unknown version.


  • Has a similar appearance to the Wyrm.
  • The Worm’s control sticks have a remarkable resemblance to those on the current Archangel.
  • Even though the ship's description claims it was made by putting armor on a Wyrm, the Worm has less hull health than the Wyrm.