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The Worm is a small Frigate modelled after the Wyrm.


The Worm is a Wyrm-sized Frigate with two Spinals and a Light Cannon, as well as a Wyrm-sized Cargo Hold. Its in-game description explains that it was specially designed for smugglers, Pirates, and scavengers.


The Worm has a small cockpit similar on the outside to the Wyrm. The pilot's seat is always the color of the player's faction. In front of this seat are a red screen and two joystick-like controls, similar to the layout of the Archangel.


  • High top speed.
  • Has both a Cannon and Phaser, making it balanced in terms of Spinal firepower.
  • The highest Cargo Hold of any build menu Frigate.
  • One of the cheapest Frigates.
  • Has higher Shields than the Wyrm, and a total of 10 more health points overall.
  • Good for hunting down stray aliens and taking the loot to sell at the Mega Base


  • Low health.
  • Spinals deal little damage.
  • It has less hull health than the Wyrm.
  • Its Turret won't do much damage at all, even if a ship is on Hull.
  • Unlike the Wyrm, it cannot see wrecks from far away.
  • Vulnerable underside.
  • Terrible acceleration, being three times slower than the giant E Class.


  • Never target ships such as the Ampharos, since they can destroy you easily.
  • Use the Worm like a Wyrm but with a little bit of defense.
  • Fly in groups to maximize firepower.
  • When attacking Miners, you don't have to worry about losing your ship because of how cheap it is.
  • Use this ship for Pirating.
  • Don't forget that if you shoot another ship before docking at Mega Base, you will be in hostile mode.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in .65b
  • Cargo Hold nerfed from 250 to 100 in an unknown version.


  • Has a similar appearance to the Wyrm.
  • The Worm’s control sticks have a remarkable resemblance to those on the current Archangel.
  • Even though the ship's description claims it was made by putting armor on a Wyrm, the Worm has less hull health than the Wyrm.