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The Wraith is a unique Fighter carried by the Skeletal Ghostealis.


The Wraith is a long range, torpedo equipped reskin of the Blitz.


The Wraith is a flat and medium-sized Fighter. Unlike the Blitz. this variant is translucent and has an orange and brown color palette. Its torpedoes are also transparent and have unique models.

While travelling, it emits an orange trail behind it and it's torpedoes.

The Interior is extremely small and empty, just like most other Fighters.

Wraith's torpedo


  • Very mobile Fighter with high evasion and maneuverability.
  • Long range small torpedoes at 9k Studs.
  • Balanced Hull and Shields.
  • High firepower for a Fighter with 150 DPS.
  • Can drift at high speeds (90% Drift), like all other Fighters.


  • Can be easily destroyed by AA Ships.


  • Work with other Fighters to quickly destroy other ships and drain health quickly.
  • The spinals have a higher range than most ships and bases. Utilize this to your advantage.
  • A small siege fleet or support can be formed with your other Wraiths as each fighter has 2 Small Torpedoes, which can outrange Starbases.
  • Focus on swarming and destroying AA ships like the Ampharos or Hyron first, as they will shred you if left alone.
  • Use the ship's high maneuverability to get into the blind spots of larger ships and deal heavy spinal damage.

Version History

  • Received a buff to its (G) Spinal in an unknown version update, which replaced its 4 Tiny Cannons with 1 Small Torpedo.
  • Received a remodel in version .69e.
  • Torpedo count increased from 1 to 2 in an unknown version.
  • Small Phaser count increased from 2 to 3 in an unknown version.