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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Wrath was the predecessor to the Typhoon, and was a small, agile fighter with a versatile weapons array. It was previously carried aboard, and was unique to, the Stormbringer


The Wrath had a design theme very similar to its former parent ship: a greyscale colour scheme and aggressively jagged shape.


  • Its speed allowed it to distract and draw fire away from Starbases.
  • High Shield health compared to other Fighters its size.
  • Somewhat high Hull heath for its size.
  • Spinals dealt balanced damage to Shield and Hull


  • No Warp Drive.
  • relatively low damage output.
  • No Turrets: required aiming capability with spinals.


  • Support your carrier by taking advantage of its speed on starbases and annoying any attacking ships without enough accuracy to hit you.
  • As with any other small vessels, get in larger ships' blind spots and stay away from pest-control ships such as Mjolnheimr or Ampharos.
  • Make the most of all of your spinal weaponry whenever possible, as small ships are easier to aim with and you're not going to get in much damage any other way.


  • Added in version (?) as a custom fighter for the Stormbringer following the arrival of its 3rd model.
  • Replaced in version (?) by the Typhoon, a fighter designed for the Stormbringer's 4th model.