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The Wyrm is a tiny Freighter automatically given to new players.


The Wyrm is given to the player for free at the beginning of the game. This ship is used to transport ores or loot wrecks. It is urged that beginners get this loot from destroyed ships and bases.


The Wyrm has a small but still relatively detailed interior. The pilot's seat has team-colored padding. The seat faces a set of three blue screens below a glowing cylinder, suggesting the screens are holographic projections.


  • Easy to begin Trading with.
  • Easy to control.
  • Small and hard to hit.
  • Great for salvaging small wrecks.
  • Not much of a target by Pirates.
  • High Acceleration.
  • It's free.


  • Small Cargo Hold for a Freighter, so the profit from Trading is minimal.
  • Low overall health.


  • Make sure to trade in aFaction that is in no wars and has strong allies. If there are none, go to a new server. If all servers have Wars, try your best to be safe and try to join one with the least if possible.
  • Go to the Mega Base when it is safe. Always check your route if you're in a War, there might be a Pirate waiting for you.
  • Check how far away Aliens are and where they are heading to.
  • You may take some risks with this ship as it is free to rebuild. However, note that you will lose all the cargo you were carrying upon destruction.

Version History

  • Added in version .34.
  • Made a free ship and given to new players starting in version .56.
  • Received a remodel in version .65b.
  • Collisions Fixed .76d28


  • Each new player is given a Wasp and a Wyrm, once it was destroyed, players can re-buy it for free.
  • This can give you a profit of 225 if you get a full cargo of silicate at a 5 price and sell at the Mega Base.
    Old Wyrm Model
  • In previous versions of the game, the Wyrm used to require resources to rebuild upon destruction, though that has already changed.
  • There is an armed version of this ship called the Worm.
  • A trading group could (in theory) make a safe profit off of using several Wyrms instead of one ship, due to very little profits off of Pirating.
  • Has a limited event counterpart, the Festive Wyrm.
  • The ship emits a long lavender trail.
  • One of only two continuously available free ships, the other being the Wasp.