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The Wyrm is a tiny Freighter automatically given to new players.


The Wyrm is a free ship automatically given to players when first joining the game. If it dies, it must be rebuilt manually in the ship build menu under the Freighter tab. This ship is used to transport materials or loot wrecks.


The Wyrm is a small, rounded ship featuring a pair of small wings and tail fins. It has a cockpit with a single seat at the front, and a small but relatively detailed interior. The pilot's seat has team-colored padding and the seat faces a set of three blue screens below a glowing cylinder, suggesting the screens are holographic projections. The middle of the ship is dedicated to cargo, with a non-functional access door modeled underneath. The rear of the ship has a single small thruster for propulsion.


  • Easy to begin Trading with.
  • Easy to control.
  • High top speed, acceleration and turn speed.
  • Small and hard to hit.
  • Great for salvaging small wrecks.
  • Not much of a target for Pirates.
  • It's free.


  • Small cargo hold, so the profit from Trading is minimal.
  • You will lose any cargo you are carrying if you die.
  • Low health.


  • Make sure to only Trade when your team is not at War.
  • Go to the Mega Base when it is safe. Always check your route if you're in a War, there might be a Pirate waiting for you.
  • Check how far away Aliens are and where they are heading to.
  • You can afford to take some risks with this ship as it is free to rebuild. However, note that you will lose all the cargo you were carrying upon destruction.

Version History

  • Added in version .34.
  • Made a free ship and given to new players starting in version .56.
  • Received a remodel in version .65b.
  • Collisions fixed in version .76d28.


  • Each new player is given a Wasp and a Wyrm, if they are destroyed they can be rebuilt for free.
  • In previous versions of the game, the Wyrm used to require resources to rebuild upon destruction. This has since been removed.
  • There is a modified version of this ship called the Worm that features basic weaponry and some additional armor to increase the Hull health from 300 to 500, at the cost of the cargo hold being 100 instead of 250, the Shield being 200 instead of 300, and the loss of safe docking.
  • Has a limited event counterpart, the Festive Wyrm that somehow has over nine times the Shield and Hull health, and ten times the cargo hold.
  • The ship emits a long lavender trail.
Original Wyrm Model