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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The X-0 is a Pirate Freighter and Pirate mini-boss that has an identical model from the D Class.


The X-0 is an AI ship that has no weapons whatsoever but can call other pirates on the map to its location.

It is a source of loot used in many powerful ships such as the Kraken or Advanced Ships.

It has a random chance to spawn every 60 minutes in public servers, and has no player count requirement.

X-0 also resembles the old E Class freighter model.


  • 10 Plasma Batteries
  • 650 Material Scrap
  • 2 Data Archives (Chance)
  • 2 Ascension Crystals (Chance)
  • 2 Antimatter Shards (Chance)
  • 150 Armor Scraps (Chance)


  • This ship is undefended on its own but can call pirates to its side for reinforcement.
  • Can be lured to a max level starbase, but it will require the help of tanking and distracting to take it down, as a pirate fleet deals heavy damage with their spinals.
  • Take out any pirate support ships before facing it head-on.
  • Explosion size is around 4,000 studs. While not large and unlikely to cripple/destroy most ships, it is recommended to warp out.
  • Most dreadnoughts can make quick work of it, however, be aware of the pirate fleet, if any.
  • Be aware of how the X-0 is moving away or towards you. If it is destroyed while moving up or down, it can go outside the map and be unlootable. This can be fixed by going in the opposite direction. If it's going up, move downwards, and vice versa.
  • May fall in the red zone and be un-lootable. To circumvent this issue, lure it to your Starbase as a faction's primary starbase is far from the top and bottom border, lessening the chances of X-0's wreck falling into one.


  • Moves back and forth similar to other enemies, similar to how the Punisher moves. Also makes "attack runs" by moving towards the player.
  • Tends to warp away from enemies constantly, however, usually warps on a target later.
  • Calls other pirates to location if an enemy is present, which can include the Kodiak and/or Galleon, which may also call the X-0 to their location.
  • Similar to all pirates, chases down (with other pirates) fleeing enemies.

Version History

  • Loot nerf: Armor scraps 200 -> 199 (.74b17)
  • Loot nerf: Armor scraps 199 -> 150 (Version needed)
  • Loot nerf: Plasma batteries 15 -> 10 (Version needed)


  • This ship appears to use the same AI as all other AI-class ships, as it will "engage" targets and move back and forth away and towards the target.
  • Uses the model of the D Class, which was formerly the model of the E Class.
  • Despite it being a Pirate ship, the cargo containers on the X-0 are blue rather than brown or dark red that corresponds to the faction's color.
  • As of this edit, the damage resistance of X-0 is bugged and it has the same resistance as a Super Capital, which is 65%.
Unlootable wreck outside the border.