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The Xenon is a Cruiser Class ship with decent health and a slow speed.


The Xenon is a siege cruiser with good acceleration and a large cargo hold for its size. It excels at causing high damage from afar.


The interior contains one small room with a computer with a small online conversation on it, with a photo of Wiscyy's user profile next to it.


  • Very high health for a Cruiser.
  • Good Acceleration and Turn Speed.
  • Cheap for the power and health it has.
  • Small size making it harder to hit with larger Turrets.
  • Very high range for a ship of its class, being able to outrange a level 1 Starbase and many other ships.
  • 1 Medium Railgun and 1 Long Range Laser give it balanced Shield and Hull damage.
  • Has a mostly balanced healthpool with Hull leading by only 200.
  • Explosion Value of 14


  • It can't defend against other small ships very well.
  • Slow Top Speed for its class.
  • Has limited Shields, making hull Destroyers a powerful adversary.
  • It has no platform to get in the ship, meaning that you can fall out of the world when getting in or out.
  • No Spinals, and low Turret firepower.
  • Medium Turrets have low accuracy.


  • Siege bases from a distance with your Medium Railguns.
  • When in combat with small ships try to stay as close to the enemy as possible so your Medium Turrets have an easier shot.
  • When sieging a base of level 2 or higher let your Medium Turrets do the work while you fly around the base to avoid being hit yourself. If any Fighters comes to defend, destroy them with your remaining Small Turrets.
  • The small size and long range of this ship make it dangerous, especially in fleets: it can avoid base fire and dive in to attack ships trying to despawn.

Version History

  • Max Shield increased from 750 to 1000, added one Medium Railgun.
  • Received a remodel in version ??
  • Replaced 1 Medium Railgun with 1 Point Defence Laser in version[???]


  • The ship used to be asymmetrical, with only one Flak Cannon on one side.
  • This ship's Medium Railgun was temporarily replaced with a Dual Medium Cannon, but the Medium Railgun was restored on a later date.
  • This ship can outrange majority of ships, including some Dreadnoughts.