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Yname is the current Game Owner for the Roblox game known as Galaxy after rcouret handed it over via contract.


yname started playing Galaxy in 2017. He started being active within the Galaxy Community in December 2019 after joining the Lost Souls Galaxy faction. yname became a moderator for the Galaxy Discord Server on February 1, 2021 alongside teentitansgohomee and smallketchup82. During this period as a moderator, yname was disliked by the community for being extremely strict, including his large quantity of false moderations. He was demoted from his moderator rank on March 23rd, 2021 by Irfaan009 who was the moderator supervisor at the time. yname was thought to be blacklisted from being a moderator in the future but during the October 2021 Mod Applications, he was accepted again as a moderator. Fortunately this time everything worked out and the community started to take a liking to him. On December 3rd, 2021, yname was promoted to Developer alongside smallketchup82[1] and immediately became the most active Developer. Yname pumps out updates frequently. Near the end of 2022 rcouret handed over Galaxy's ownership to yname.


  • Has an emote in the Galaxy Discord server named after him. The image is the default monkey emoji from discord
  • yname is the creator of the popular Galaxy Info discord bot. Its said that he is working on a Version 2 of the bot which contains a ton of updates and optimizations