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The Zeus is a Shield-breaker Dreadnought class ship.


The Zeus is designed to destroy the Shields of large Ships and Starbases, it can prove a nightmare for other Battleships and Dreadnoughts. It is also a prominent tank, having a very strong Shield, but has proved to be an inefficient PvP vessel, as it is unable to finish off most of its opponents due to the lack of Kinetic armament.


Despite the size of this Dreadnought, the Zeus's interior is very small, (like the Apocalypse.) The player boards via a hatch. This hatch leads to a ramp, which takes the player to another hatch, behind this hatch is the captain's chair and the bridge.



  • No Kinetic weapons means that it has no efficient way to break Hull.
  • No Spinals.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Practically countered by itself and similar Shield breakers.
  • It can be difficult to have all the Turrets shoot at the same target.
  • Low Hull health.
  • Lacks long-range Turrets.
  • Sluggish mobility.


  • This is a good ship to use for Shield killing when camping at the Mega Base or when sieging because it can absorb a lot more damage than other Shield breakers.
  • It's also a good siege support as its Heavy Lasers would bring down the base Shield while 2 Heavy Point Defense Lasers give it a good defense against incoming hostiles.
  • When against the Zeus, approach the ship from the bottom at full speed so that the Turrets will have a hard time hitting you.
  • Don't use this ship as a frontline tank as its Shields will quickly be drained by the Heavy Lasers from the Starbase.
  • This ship can be pretty good at scaring off bigger ships. Removing their Shields at a fast rate can force them to warp away, fearing for a possible dive if hulled.

Version History


  • The Turret placements were updated on 10/19/2016.
  • Received several remodels.
  • Named after the Greek God Zeus.
  • Has a limited time counterpart, the Jupiter
  • Extremely rare to see as very few players have the ship, much less use it, due to its poor weapon configuration.
Old Zeus Model.