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The Zhanado is a powerful and cheap Frigate that focuses on Spinals.


The Zhanado is a Frigate that has a very high firepower and health. It is slower than most other Frigates. The Zhanado has spikes protruding from the front of the ship near it's 4 Tiny Cannons and 4 Tiny Phasers.


The interior of the Zhanado is a cockpit with a chair, in which features a joystick and throttle. There is a Chaotic Unity logo, along with some buttons and some screens. The Exterior of the ship has a black and grey camo skin pattern


  • High damaging Spinals.
  • Great against large ships with big blind spots, such as the Ridgebreaker and the Avalon.
  • Very cheap.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Good health for a Frigate.


  • Slow for a Frigate.
  • You must be capable of aiming Spinals well to deal considerable damage.


  • You can be very daring with this ship because it is extremely cheap.
  • Use large ships' blind spots and constantly use your Spinals to maximize damage.
  • While it is still a relatively slow Frigate, utilize your small figure to dogfight with larger ships.
  • Great when used in a swarm due to its fairly high Spinal damage.

Version History

  • Price and ore requirement was increased from original price-point.
  • Received remodel in update right after the Capital Cannons update part 1, but no official update name was given. The remodel also removed the VIP requirement.
  • Spinals fixed in version .66n
  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Price increased (~300cr -> ~2356cr)


  • Not commonly seen.
  • Based on a Fighter concept from Star Citizen.
  • Old model looks extremely similar to the current Abyss model.

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