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Advanced Ship

This ship is an Advanced ship. It is a powerful, semi-limited ship that stands out among others of its class and may require special build materials or quests.

The Zhen is the only Advanced Battlecruiser.


The Zhen has a naturally flat design, which gives it a huge edge in dog-fighting. Its four Turrets are Advanced AutoLasers and AutoCannons, which help tremendously when it comes to fighting smaller ships.

Most weapons will have more difficulty hitting the Zhen. It comes equipped with powerful Spinals, carrying two Medium Torpedoes and three Medium Phasers that are capable of massive damage if you can hit the ship you are attacking.


The interior of the ship is very small, with room for just a pilot, and minimal paneling and decoration. On the bottom of the cockpit there is a picture of the Undertale character Sans.


  • By far the fastest Battlecruiser, able to out-speed some Frigates.
  • The flat design makes it difficult to hit, allowing it to engage ships near Starbases.
  • High Spinal damage.
  • Shreds both small and big ships.
  • Great at hunting Aliens and Miners, thanks to its firepower and large cargo hold.
  • Extremely effective in swarms, a swarm of even just 3-4 can output DPS rivaling the Prototypes, and can’t be destroyed without powerful ships with precision weapons.
  • The Medium Torpedoes have a good range of 10000 studs, allowing engagement at a long range.
  • Surprisingly versatile, being able to participate in long range sieges with the torpedoes while still effectively being able to dogfight with a variety of ships.
  • Amazing against ships without turrets


  • Vulnerable bottom and relatively vulnerable backside, though this may not be an issue if the pilot is skilled.
  • The most expensive Battlecruiser, coming in at a ridiculous 200,000 Credits, along with things like Plasma Batteries and Armor Platings.
  • Damage per second is reduced drastically if the pilot is not skilled with Spinals.
  • Torpedoes are highly inconsistent, with a tendency to deviate from the intended path.
  • Often considered not worth it due to the high price and low health.
  • Lopsided health pool.
  • Its status as an Advanced Ship makes it temporarily unobtainable from month to month.
  • Can be considered worse than the Nightmare due to the larger size, slow, inaccurate torpedoes, and higher price.


  • This ship should be used primarily for pirating large Miners and Freighters since it can easily chase them down and score multiple Torpedo hits.
  • In team fight situations, use this ship for sneaking into blind spots of bigger ships for easy damage.
  • The Zhen's flat design will typically let you dodge most of the time, but beware of small turrets.
  • Avoid ships with highly accurate turrets (Such as the Ampharos or Mjolnheimr) as they will easily shred you.
  • Also avoid ships that are effective in shredding shields, as they will melt through your health quickly.
  • Use this in swarms to take down larger ships.
  • The Zhen is very good at fighting siege fleets made up of primarily Dreadnoughts, as its high speed will allow it to dodge almost anything that is thrown at it. However, you still need to be extremely cautious, as Dreadnoughts can quickly destroy you if their turrets hit.
  • Primarily use this for pirating defenseless ships. Camp Mega Base and easily destroy underwarping or overwarping freighters, and use torpedoes on them while they are docking.
  • Beware of any explosions from ships you destroy, your terrible health will lead to a quick destruction if you don’t pay attention.
  • Immediately warp away from large ships that dive you, if they hit you even a few times you may be destroyed.
  • Know when to retreat, this ship is very costly for its class and isn’t worth losing.

Version History

  • Price buffed soon after its release.
  • Price reduced, and weapons nerfed the day after it was released.
  • The Zhen’s 2 Medium Torpedoes were nerfed into 2 Small Torpedoes in an unknown version.
  • In .65a5, the Zhen had it's Dual Gatlings changed to Advanced AutoLasers and Advanced AutoCannons.
  • Turn Speed reduced from 0.75 to 0.7, Torpedo firing interval increased to 0.3s, Max Hull reduced to 1200 from 1000, Phaser barrel interval increased to 0.3 in .65b
  • Disabled along with all other Advanced Ships (previously identified as Artifact Ships) in version .65a (?).
  • Re-enabled in version .65b, but cost increased dramatically to 250,000 Credits. Also, it is no longer a VIP-only ship.
  • Remodeled in version .65b.
  • Buffed and recolored in version .66b—Shield/Hull increased from 950/1000 to 1150/1050, Top Speed increased from 200 to 250, and Medium Phaser interval reduced from 0.2s to 0.01s.
  • Made available with every other advanced ship (except Osiris) for a month in version .69e.
  • Shields increased from 1150 to 1250, 1 Advanced Medium AutoLaser and 1 Advanced Medium AutoCannon added in version .69e.
  • Price increased to 400k in version .69e.
  • Small Torpedoes upscaled to Medium Torpedoes in (unknown version please add).
  • Put back on sale in (unknown version please add).
  • Gained 750 shield and one Medium Phaser, as well as having its phasers multigunned, however lost 250 hull in (unknown version please add).


  • Used to be the only Battlecruiser with multiple Torpedoes.
  • Contrary to it being mentioned that the price was reduced, it was increased.
  • The Zhen is based on the Zhen from Star Conflict Heroes.
  • The ship has no Faction coloring.
  • Most expensive Battlecruiser in the game.
  • On the floor of the Zhen, there is a picture of Sans from the game Undertale.
  • The current Zhen's trails look like Halley's Comet
  • Looks similar to the Nightmare, another advanced ship.
  • Previously, when attempting to say "Zhen" in game chat, the word would be censored by Roblox's chat filter.
    • This led to it being called "Zen" instead until the chat filter's censorship was relaxed by Roblox.
      Zhen's 2nd Recolor

      Old model