Galaxy Rules

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Galaxy Rules created by Rcouret

These rules also apply to galaxy arcade, just with milder punishments.

Galaxy In-Game Rules

  • 1.) DO NOT use third party software to alter the game environment on the client or the server (BAN)
  • 2.) DO NOT intentionally use your ship in a way to prevent another ship from completing the docking process. (WARNING OR BAN)
  • 3.) DO NOT bully or otherwise publicly humiliate or torment another player, especially if they told you to stop. (BAN)
  • 4.) DO NOT say or talk about things that is inappropriate for a Roblox environment or a civilized society in general. (WARNING OR BAN) 5.) DO NOT do things or play music meant to annoy others or considered in violation of rules #3 & #4. (WARNING OR BAN)
  • 6.) DO NOT avoid destruction of your ship by purposefully flinging, glitching, and warping out of the map or into an area where ships should not be or exploit game bugs to avoid situations where ship destruction is possible. (LOSS OF SHIP PLUS POSSIBLE FINE)
  • 7.) DO NOT intentionally use your ship to fling/pick up a player to annoy them or cause them to lose their ship. (WARNING OR BAN)

These rules are not updated regularly. For an up-to-date version of the Galaxy Rules, view the ones posted in the Official Galaxy Discord Server