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Welcome to the Galaxypedia! This page will help you get more familiar with the platform, the staff, and more. Generally in a FAQ style, cause I'm lazy.

For help with the site (bugs, etc) contact User:Smallketchup82 (Owner) or User:Wingy (Helps with maintenance, has access to backend)

What exactly is the Galaxypedia?

The Galaxypedia is a place where everything related to Galaxy is documented. Things like ships, ship data, turrets, guides, players, events, incidents, and much more are all documented here. The Galaxypedia is the successor to the Galaxy Wiki. The Galaxypedia uses data supplied by the game itself to stay up-to-date.

Why we switched from FANDOM to the Galaxypedia

The Galaxy Wiki, started by SeanMorabito_YT, was the previous wiki for Galaxy. However this wiki was abandoned in favour of the Galaxypedia. But why did we do this? To answer that question we first have look at the points made below.

  • Fandom uses ads, and its pretty annoying. The Galaxypedia is funded through donations and we don't use ads at all. This can speed up page loading and you wouldn't have to turn on your ad-blocker which will also improve page loading times. Not to mention FANDOM's choice of advertisements were horrible and the placement of advertisements often broke pages.
  • FANDOM has rules on how we can customize it. With the Galaxypedia we can do whatever the hell we want with it, its our site so our rules. We have full reign over the Galaxypedia, but we have minuscule amounts of power when it comes to the Galaxy Wiki
  • Expanding on the point above, because we own the website we can enforce our own rules. We have our own terms of service, privacy policy, copyright policy, etc. Instead of being forced to also moderate rules that FANDOM enforces, we can simply focus on our own rules.
  • FANDOM's servers are unreliable. The Galaxypedia uses cloudflare caching and internal caching. What this means is that if our server ever goes down, cloudflare's servers simply send a cached version to you so you can continue viewing the Galaxypedia while we're fixing the servers.
  • We are able to edit the backend of the Galaxypedia which allows us to directly edit the database, styles, fonts, etc. what this means is that we're able to once again, edit everything and how the Galaxypedia works whereas with fandom we can only edit what they let us edit.
  • Through the use of Ketchupbot101, the Galaxypedia is directly linked to the game. Ship pages and the Turrets page get automatically updated by Ketchupbot. This means that the Galaxypedia will always be up-to-date in its infoboxes, whereas FANDOM required manual editing of infoboxes which was hard to do when a lot of things change day by day in Galaxy.
  • The old staff team just got sick of FANDOM forcing things onto them. We started planning on switching off of FANDOM after FANDOM announced that they would be getting rid of their Oasis skin and replacing it with their FandomDesktop skin which would require a full CSS rewrite from our already understaffed team, something that we were genuinely incapable of doing.

With all of that in consideration, the Galaxypedia has numerous advantages than FANDOM. And because of that, the staff for the Galaxy Wiki abandoned it and created the Galaxypedia. The old Wiki Staff are now known as the Galaxypedia staff and help to make the Galaxypedia better than the Galaxy Wiki.

Where did the slogan come from?

When smallketchup82 first announced the shutdown of the FANDOM wiki and migration to the Galaxypedia, his close friend yname replied to the announcement saying "See you all in the new era of the Galaxy Wiki!", smallketchup82 really liked the line and decided to make it the slogan for the Galaxypedia.

"The new era of the Galaxy Wiki"

Why doesn't the Galaxypedia fund itself through the use of advertisements?

To put it shortly, smallketchup82 doesn't want to fund it through this method as he sees it unethical. He decided to adopt Wikipedia's monetization model and fund the Galaxypedia primarily from donations. While the Galaxypedia could be funded through advertisements, it makes things more complicated in a Legal standpoint. It also increases loading times for pages, which is something that the Galaxypedia prides itself on. smallketchup82 stated in the past that he would only use advertisements to fund the Galaxypedia as a last resort.

How do I get into contact with Galaxypedia Staff?

Your best bet is to join the Galaxypedia Discord Server and use the ticket system. Yeah it's inconvenient but its the cheapest option. You can find a link to the Discord Server through the sidebar.

Is the data on the Galaxypedia accurate?

Recently, the Galaxypedia implemented an automatic updater bot (called KetchupBot101) which fetches information from the game itself and edits the Galaxypedia using these stats. A lot of the data on ship infoboxes are automatically updated, but everything that's not in the infoboxes can be outdated.

Info on infoboxes

Prior to the addition of KetchupBot, the main way of getting information about ships was through the ingame :info command. However many tests were made by notable players in the community, including developers like yname, which came to the conclusion that data shown through the :info command is heavily inaccurate. For example, the DPS readings shown on the :info command are calculated through a very weird algorithm instead of a generic calculation of the average DPS. It's hard to get into the specifics of this because its 4 AM as I'm writing this and my memory is undergoing catastrophic failure, but to put it shortly, the info shown on the infoboxes for ships on the Galaxypedia are far more accurate than the ones shown in-game. Trust the Galaxypedia statistics, not the in-game statistics. It's wrong, it's flawed, its been confirmed. This is the part where I show proof and get into the technical details but I'm so out of it right now that I'll do this at a later date. Ask the staff for more information about this.

Why could the Galaxypedia be inaccurate?

This is a good question, and one that I (smallketchup82) personally researched & analyzed for a while. When you look at sites like Wikipedia, they're able to always stay up-to-date on information because thousands of people are constantly editing it and supplying information. But when you look at the Galaxypedia, its miniscule in comparison to Wikipedia. The Galaxypedia struggles to get even 50 active editors per day. Plus, Galaxy having around 200 average active players online does not help at all. Unless Galaxy blows up in popularity, or the entire community starts believing that contributing to the Galaxypedia should be a priority, the Galaxypedia can never be considered fully up-to-date. Fortunately, a good amount of people do dedicate time into updating the Galaxypedia, and such users help to power the site. You can also help provide up-to-date and accurate information by contributing your knowledge to the Galaxypedia. Ask the staff to learn more.