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This page outlines the formatting guidelines for creating and editing pages on the Galaxypedia. Please refer to the bottom of the page for specific formatting policies for different entity types. If you haven't already, read the Terms of Service as this does not replace it.

Note: Formatting policies may change. Check this page and its sub-pages regularly for updates. You can also add this page to your watchlist to receive notifications.


Basic Editing Do's and Don'ts

  • Do proofread your edits before publishing.
  • Do contact Galaxypedia Staff if you encounter problems or have questions.
  • Avoid adding personal opinions into informational pages. The purpose of Galaxypedia's informational pages is to provide unbiased information for readers, so personal opinions belong in discussion pages.
  • Don't include inaccurate or unverified information without marking it with a question mark (?) or the Citation needed template.
  • Don't engage in hostile arguments on discussion pages; report to Galaxypedia staff.
  • Don't use abbreviations in edits; use clear phrasing for all readers.

Need help with source editing?

Visit the MediaWiki Editing Help page or contact Galaxypedia Staff.

Formatting Policies

Player/Clan Biography Guidelines

Applies to both Clan/Player Factions and Player Biographies:

  • Approach with impartiality.
  • Base writing on facts, not opinions or speculation.
  • Avoid generalizations and comparisons without evidence.
  • Omit unnecessary comments and individual names.