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Welcome to the formatting policy for biographies on individual players. As implied, these types of pages serve to give an in-depth, third-person perspective on a specific member of the Galaxy community.


When starting a biography on a player, please give a short description of them at the top of the page after all template inclusions. Alongside that, please include an image of the player or their main profile picture, if possible. If permitted, add also the player's Roblox and/or Galaxypedia User profile. Do not include social media profiles of any kind.


Give an in-depth story on the player, such as their start in Galaxy, significant accomplishments/feats, involvement in significant events, etc. See the Smallketchup82 page for an example.


As usual with this section on any page, include some fun facts, specifically about the player in this case; and list miscellaneous achievements here. For examples and a more detailed explanation, see Ships Formatting Policy: Trivia.


Create a gallery of images that are directly related or pertaining to the player. If you need help with creating galleries, please see MediaWiki Images Help: Rendering a gallery of images. You may also view existing pages with gallery sections for examples. See a code example below for a slideshow-type gallery:

<gallery mode="slideshow">
imagename2.png|<playername> standing on his/her favorite ship.
imagename3.png|Involvement in <x> event.

References (Citations)

Please add citations wherever possible for the sake of clarity on the information provided in the pages contents, as similar to clans, the amount of information one can verify on a user with what is available to them on Roblox/Galaxy is not much at all. See Ships Formatting Policy: References List for information on adding citations. Also see Galaxypedia:Citation needed.