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Template:Image Infobox Also known in short as "Pata"

Well known Galaxy Community Member & Developer. Mostly known for his role in causing the Enigma Cache Incident. He is also known for trolling in the Galaxy Discord Server.


PataNautic started playing Galaxy in 2015 on a different account, but has been playing on his main account (PataNautic) since 2018. Pata became a modeller for Galaxy at an unspecified date but estimated a few months prior to the events of the Enigma Cache Incident. After developers Juice and GalaxyOrigins were demoted by rcouret ("rc") for "inactivity", rc did not want any new developers for a while. Eventually the Galaxy Community convinced him to let Pata be a developer, in which Pata was ranked to developer. Pata started to push out updates that the community longed for. Eventually Pata would release an update which started the events known as the Enigma Cache Incident and resulted in his demotion from developer. Pata would go to regain his developer rank in early 2022.

Enigma Cache Incident

Pata was a very important figure within the Enigma Cache Incident, he is one of the reason's it occurred despite it not being entirely his fault.