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Shields are a secondary armor in Galaxy. Shields are designed to take damage before your hull starts to be damaged. Every ship in Galaxy is equipped with varying levels of Shield health. Damage to Shields is based on the type of Turrets and Spinals used when damage is being dealt. Planets and starbases also have Shield, excluding the Planet Myriad III. Shields will slowly regenerate over time.


  • Cannons and Cannon, Flak, and Railgun type turrets deal high damage to the Hull but deal low damage to Shields and travel slowly.
  • Shields are able to regenerate in combat or undocked from a base, unlike Hull.


  • Shields are weak to specific weapons. Phasers travel quickly and deal high damage to Shields but deal low damage to hull. Torpedoes do 70% of their damage to Shields and 100% to Hull but require a longer time to reload and travel quite slowly. Speed always helps minimize damage to your Shields and ship overall. Keep in mind that the bigger your ship is, the more of a sitting duck you may be when your ship gets attacked by enemies.
  • Laser and PDL turrets (more broadly called "Thermal" weaponry) also deal high damage to Shields, but low damage to Hull. As the size of the Turrets increases, so does the damage dealt to Shields, with Heavy Lasers dealing whopping blows with a base damage of over 100 health each.
  • Shields will fail when they are depleted, and then stay offline for 20 seconds; before they quickly regenerate to a partially full state. This leaves any ship with depleted shields very vulnerable to any form of kinetic weaponry for an extended period of time.


  • Speed helps minimize physical damage to your ship. If you can outmaneuver the enemy ship or incoming fire with amazing dog-fighting skills, then you won't have to worry about your Shields or Hull too much.

Version History

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  • Shields changed to have specific healing rates per Ship class while in combat (with the exception of stealth ships, which now no longer regenerate their shields outside of being docked), as well as now having the behavior of the shields failing when they are depleted, staying offline for 20 seconds before they regenerate quickly to a partially full state in version .76b28.