Xeiron Industries

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Xeiron Industries

Xeiron Industries was a manufacturing company formed in the early days of the Interstellar Space Program. They quickly grew due to the popularity and efficiency of their advanced power systems, most of which were necessary for any interstellar spacecraft. Being one of the oldest companies on Earth that still exists, Xeiron ascended to the stars along with the rest of humanity, becoming one of the first private industries to reach the so-called “final frontier.” Though the company was originally founded to create specialized components for the I.S.P., they later began to delve into designing their own spacecraft.
The Logo of Xeiron Industries
Xeiron Industries built ships such as Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers to aid military expeditions into the great unknown. Typically, their ships had the majority of their power routed to one primary system. Their emblem was usually emblazoned on or inside the ship. As they continued producing ships, they delve into much more experimental designs such as so-called “Titan” class. Unfortunately, the massive production cost and incredible amounts of energy required to run Titan-class ships, as well as many problems with construction, meant the project was postponed indefinitely. They also had similar issues with ships such as their Heavy Carrier and Fighters. Eventually, they started selling mass-producible, specialized ships at cheaper costs, taking advantage of their heavy manufacturing industry.

During the development of their heavier ships, Xerion Industries started investing into reactor research at the newly built Sambhyre Station. The station was originally designed to help create new, high-power fuels with base ingredients such as Iridium and Uranium. During research phases, one of the employees started trading the technology and fuel to other companies for profit, but a faulty storage container in the employee's locker caused a massive energy leak, leading to dangerous instabilities in the station's main reactor. The station was placed on automated lockdown, and every crew member was hastily evacuated before the station nearly ripped itself apart.

The station now lies Derelict, but its reactor is still active. With no motivation in Xerion to keep the research open after the failure of the Titans, the company has kept a contract open to all traders and miners in the region to supply and maintain the station for a small cash bonus.

During the years of the Kneall threat, they supplied weapons and parts to the U.N.E and many other militaristic companies and factions required to fight off any approaching aliens.