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Exploits on Galaxy have been around for a very long time, since the Alpha periods. Exploiting on Galaxy has many uses, an example can be automating the mining process to be less tedious. A lot of exploits were very powerful, some could get you 100k credits in the same amount of time it takes you to go to the washroom and back. Most of these exploits were struck down with the introduction of the Galaxy Anti-cheat, which was implemented near the start of the Gamma period of Galaxy.

The Galaxypedia does not, by any means, endorse the usage of exploits on Galaxy nor encourage it. All acts of exploitation are bannable. Galaxy is widely known to have strict anti-exploit, if you choose to exploit, you do so at your own risk.

Spinal TP

One of the most common and relevant forms of exploitation. Often seen utilized by player in a Scimitar. The mechanics of this exploit were relatively simple, with the scripts usually just teleporting the spinals to another ship in order to kill them from far away. When FilteringEnabled was introduced to the ROBLOX platform, these scripts were modified by their respective developers to instead teleport your ship very quickly to another one to give the impression that your spinals were teleporting when in reality it was the entire ship. This exploit caused a lot of issues and was increasingly hard to deal with. As it was done from a distance away, those who recorded Spinal TP happening to them rarely caught the perpetrator in their videos. A large scandal involving this was known as "infern spinal TP" where a infamous exploiter in the Galaxy Community maliciously created accounts to carry out the deeds. Most of these scripts have been patched, Spinal TP is rarely seen in Galaxy Gamma


Arguably the most popular Galaxy exploit. This exploit is self-explanatory. These scripts were usually used by players to quickly obtain large sums of money, or in other cases, to cause destruction to the economy.