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The Scimitar is a Destroyer Class ship commonly used as an interceptor against large targets.


The exterior of the Scimitar features three jets, two elongated wings, two Phasers and two cannon barrels.


The interior of the Scimitar consists of two small, glass-covered areas with lightly decorated seats, the further forward one being the pilot's seat.


  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Hard to hit due to its speed and size.
  • Great for distracting bases and doing considerable damage to the base on its own.
  • Both thermal and kinetic weaponry allows high damage to both shield and hull.


  • Requires good Spinal aim to be effective in PvP.
  • A somewhat low amount of total health, with more shields than hull.


  • Can distract base Turrets fairly well with its speed and size.
  • Great for hit and run.
  • Since it is among the fastest ships in the game, it can be used as a shuttle.
  • Great for wearing down larger ships if you can stay in their blind spot.
  • Very effective in swarms, as the speed and shape of the ship make it hard to destroy.
  • If used in a swarm it is possible to siege star bases using its speed and maneuverability.
  • One of the ships utilized in the notorious infern spinal TP, despawn if you see this happening.

Version History

  • Its description received a minor rewrite between versions .46 and .48.
  • Max speed increased to 230 from 210 in .65b
  • 4 Small Phasers changed to 2 Medium Phasers, Top Speed reduced from 230 to 185 in version .69a2.
  • Received a remodel in version .75a5.


  • The ship features six cannon barrels but only fires two.
  • The Scimitar closely resembles some ships in the Galaxy on Fire game series.
  • Niari and Berger are weapons companies from Galaxy on Fire.
  • For a time after its remodel in .65b, it used to have only cannon spinals, shooting 2 and 4 for each spinal keybind. This was quickly fixed to shoot 2 cannons and 4 phasers.
  • Resembles the Guillotine.
  • Based on the star trek scimitar
  • Scimitar-USC.png