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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

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The Guillotine is a Cruiser added in the first part of the Mega Update.


The Guillotine is a Cruiser that was temporarily retired from the game due to issues with docking and the cockpit being not large enough for players. It was re-added later, entirely fixed. It had almost the same look as the Scimitar, but with more details, especially the spikes.


The interior of the ship is made with a living room with a bed, a sort of kitchen, a box of cookies and a coffee machine. Then you will be able to enter the pilot's seat, in an oval cockpit.


  • Small and discreet, as it is mostly black, with some red lines and some red neon spikes.
  • Somewhat effective Spinals.
  • Very cost effective.
  • High speed.
  • Great turn speed


  • Very weak health compared to other Cruisers.
  • Acceleration is somewhat lacking.


  • Use it in swarm to literally shred Shields of bigger ships like Dreadnoughts.

Version History

  • Removed "temporarily" shortly after its release, due to many problems.
  • Re-Added a month or so later.


  • Most players don't know this ship, as it was removed very shortly after its release.
  • Closely resembles the Scimitar.