Galactic Insurance

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Galactic Insurance is an insurance service intended to reduce the losses of losing a ship, added in update .54?


If you lose a ship that costs credits to build and is not a Miner or Freighter, 15% refund of the "Current Materials Cost" of the ship you lost will be refunded. If you lose a Miner or Freighter you will get 40%(?) of the original cost back.

You will be notified of the insurance payment shortly after the destruction of your ship in the chat as a server message.

  • If your ship is destroyed by a glitch you will not receive a refund automatically and will have to consult the Ship Refund Policy.
  • To have a chance of getting your ship refunded you would need to be recording it is recommend to record as early as possible to increase chances of you getting refunded.


  • There is an advertisement for Galactic Insurance in the Mega Base.