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The Sentinel is a durable and versatile Cruiser, known for being disabled for over 1 year.


The Sentinel is a fast Cruiser equipped with decently powerful Spinals. It has some, but not great Turret firepower. It has average health for its class. The Sentinel has a unique shape to it, resembling some sort of weirdly formed pancake in a sense.


The interior is pretty much nonexistent.


  • High Spinal firepower.
  • Cheap.
  • Quite durable.
  • Good turn speed.
  • High health.


  • Low Turret firepower.
  • Relatively big for a Cruiser.
  • Somewhat large frame, which makes it more vulnerable to lower-accuracy weaponry.


  • Avoid being in the enemy line of fire and use your speed as an advantage.
  • Use the Phasers to wear down the enemy's shield, then use your Turrets and Cannon to destroy their hull.
  • The high cargo and cheap price make it a good pirating ship for newer players with generally lower income.

Version History

  • Deleted from the game in ???
  • Re-added to the game, received a remodel and loadout changed from 2 Light Gatling Lasers, 2 Light Gatling Cannons, 1 medium railgun(turrets), 4 Small Phasers, and 1 Medium Cannon(spinal) to 2 Light Lasers, 1 Light Cannon, 1 Medium Cannon for turrets; and 7 Small Phasers for spinals in version .73d6.


  • Based on its name, it should be used for defense.
  • Getting to the seat of the ship may be confusing at first due to no obvious points of entry.
  • Was the first non-fighter class ship to be legitimately deleted from the game, until it returned after over 1 year of being disabled.