The Blackhawks

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The Blackhawks (Abbreviated BH) is a Galaxy clan known for their activity, members, and extreme toxicity in the Beta stages of Galaxy. It was founded by teentitansgohomee and was managed by his friend minecraftninja5. BH had a large amount of kill logs during their time active. Around the time that Galaxy Gamma released, BH saw a huge wave of inactivity and the faction as a whole decided to quit Galaxy and move to other games.


The Blackhawks was originally founded by teentitansgohomee in mid Galaxy Beta. It started off as a clan containing some of teen's friends, but quickly grew to house many different members. BH was led by teen's friend, minecraftninja5 near this time. BH started to cultivate a reputation of one of Galaxy's most racist clans. 2019 was the Blackhawks' peak, they mostly did fleet battles during this time. In late 2020, BH started experiencing a lot of inactivity. By early 2021, BH was rarely seen with little members actively talking in the Discord Server. In mid 2021, BH decided to disband after minecraftninja5 chose to leave the faction. Many members moved to Rogue Lineage, while a fraction of the clan quit the ROBLOX platform entirely.

In late 2021, a new version of the Blackhawks was created and was tagged "Blackhawks 2". This faction was also founded by teentitansgohomee but was led by smallketchup82. The faction had attracted a few original Blackhawks members, and got a few notable kills, but eventually met the same demise as the original Blackhawks. Both the original Blackhawks and Blackhawks 2 Discord Servers have been archived with nobody allowed to speak. Members of the original BH are not seen commonly.