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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

This page is about the player-ownable vessel. If you're looking for the NPC variant, see Ab̵̼̓e̷̋̀r̸͆̂r̵͈͐a̷͋̚ť̶̚i̵̐̈́ó̵̝n̷̚͝.

The Apotheosis is a powerful hull breaking PVP Battleship from the Halloween Event 2022.


The Apotheosis is a Battleship introduced in Part 1 of the Halloween Event 2022. It is equipped with a multitude of kinetic-oriented unique turret weaponry such as its Spore Launchers and has very good Spinal firepower. The ship also features a high and balanced health pool for its class and overall satisfactory maneuverability. These characteristics make it a great PVP ship. It can also contribute in sieges due to the moderately high range its turrets and spinals have.

This Battleship can be obtained by completing quest #20221012, "The plague".


The Apotheosis's exterior features a very long and slender frame. The ship's dominant color is a deep shade of green, however it also has multiple lime green neons and grey areas. Multiple drill-like cones are also located at the back of the ship. The former traits give this ship a sci-fi look, however the latter adds a hint of biology to the theme of the ship. It is also worth noting that the front of the ship's structure heavily ressembles a blade.

The interior consists of a simple hallway with a glowing green orb at the front containing the pilot seat. Infront of the orb are three turquoise neon panels. The teleporters leading to inside and outside the ship are invisible. The teleporter in the interior is located on the floor, behind the orb. The one on the exterior is situated right behind the very front part of the bow (the spinal firing point).


  • Very impressive hull DPS, clocking in at 397, putting this ship above many limited Dreadnoughts in terms of hull damage output.
  • Balanced and decent health pool.
  • Fast turn speed of 0.3.
  • Overall has very good damage output; its average DPS is on the very high end for a Battleship.
  • The Bio Light Spore Launchers are surprisingly very accurate, providing passable defense against individual subcapital ships.
  • Powerful spinals. Its average spinal DPS nears that of the Jackal's.


  • Slightly problematic turret placement; the ship has to be pointing towards the enemy in order for all the turrets to have a line of sight. However, even then, some turrets might be blocked, mainly the rearmost Spore Launcher.
  • Relies on its spinals for a good portion of its total damage output, especially towards shields.
  • Its large turrets suffer from inaccuracy.
  • Sluggish acceleration.


  • Use the long bow of this ship to wedge yourself under your enemies.
  • Beware of swarms of smaller ships, as they can easily spell your demise due to your rather inadequate point defenses.
  • Aim your spinals well; more than half of your total damage output comes from them.