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The Jackal is a powerful Spinal-focused Battleship.


The Jackal is a Spinal-heavy ship that focuses on Hull damage. Its six Large Cannons tear apart any ship that is hulled; however, its Shield damage is also quite respectable. Unlike the Sentaliz, the Jackal is very large, which is partly due to the remarkable amount of damage it produces.

The exterior of the ship is very ornate. On the sides, you will find an array of beautiful and complex ridges and lines that give a sci-fi aesthetic to the ship. On the bottom is a large orb of neon blue energy.


The Jackal's interior is a small but incredibly detailed hallway leading up to the pilot's seat. The pilot seat itself glows orange, and is flanked on each side by two statues. In front of the pilot seat is a screen which reads "Jackal Artillery Systems, Operation: Devistation, Hyperion Core: Operational"


  • Very high overall damage.
  • Insane damage to the Hull, double that of the Sentaliz and the Razor Wing.
  • High damage to Shields, higher than that of the Sentaliz and the Razor Wing.
  • Well-placed Spinals.
  • Extremely large explosion radius often used to nuke enemy bases.
  • Tied with the Sentaliz and Santaliz as the 3rd fastest Battleship, behind this ship's Halloween 2020 counterpart and Helios.


  • No ability to deal with smaller Ships.
  • No Turrets.
  • Low HP for a Battleship.
  • Due to it being bulky, it is easy to be hit.
  • Very slow turn speed, if people get in your blindspot you might as well run.
  • Only people who are good at aiming/using Spinals can properly use this as it has no Turrets.


  • Group up with other Jackals to make a fleet of near-unstoppable power.
  • Stay away from smaller Ships like the Cobra or Gideon, as these can swarm and kill you.
  • Stay with Ships like the Ampharos or the Mjolnheimr to negate your lack of precise weapons.
  • Don't go alone, as you have no defense against small Ships.
  • Can be used as a support ship by placing the ship out of range of engagement and sniping enemy Ships once their Shields are down.
  • A very good anti-siege ship as it can snipe bigger targets with ease.

Version History

  • Received a buff in update .60d that buffed Hull by 400 and Shields by 600. While also increased slightly in cost to build. The buff was reversed shortly after.
  • Buffed in .63h to add 500 Shield, 100 Hull, and increased the price.
  • Buffed in .66b, with its shields going from 2000 to 3000 and having its turnspeed go from 0.11 to 0.22.
  • Received a remodel and buff in version ???, which increased it's turn speed to 0.5.
  • 1 Large Cannon removed in version .69a1.


  • The Jackal can capture a full health Frion I in 20 minutes.
  • Looks like an orbital gun.
  • On the front screen where the pilot sits it says "Operation: Devistation" but devastation is spelled wrong.
  • The heads of the statues in the ship are identical to that of a real-life jackal, which makes sense considering the ship's name.
  • These statues also resemble the Egyptian god, Anubis.
  • Essentially a United States of Razor but almost 1/3 of the price and has more firepower and is not limited.
  • It has a limited time counterpart, the Jack-Al' Lantern.