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The Mjolnheimr is a Battlecruiser based on the Slipstream.


The Mjolnheimr is a uniquely shaped Battlecruiser reminiscent of the Slipstream with a large armament of 9 small Turrets. It can be used to pirate because of its accurate firepower and high health. It also makes a very effective defense ship when dealing with Frigates or Fighters.


The cockpit is quite simple, only having a door that leads in and out of the seat and little other details.


  • An insane total of nine Small Turrets.
  • Is one of the faster Battlecruisers, only slower than the Sturm, Black Flare, Absolution, Belvat, Radiance and Zhen.
  • Fairly high health pool.
  • Can be used to deal a large amount of damage very quickly.
  • Very balanced when dealing with Shield and Hull damage.
  • Large Cargo Hold.
  • Great for pest control & supporting a fleet.
  • Can kill any ship that is lower than a Battlecruiser with ease. (except the Destroyer-class Nightmare)
  • Very slim ship, making it more difficult to hit.
  • Excels in anti-Fighter combat.


  • Not a good anti-Siege ship.
  • Slow Turn Speed and relatively low Maneuverability.
  • Vulnerable top.
  • Won't last long in a prolonged battle.
  • Requires you to get very close to the enemy to be able to fire its Turrets.
  • Can be out-ranged by other ships.
  • Turret firepower can be lacking at times.
  • Can't take on other Battlecruisers without skilled piloting.


  • Great for Pirating. Warp above a Freighter or Miner and let your 9 Small Turrets make quick work of the enemy.
  • Do not attack large ships.
  • Useful in dog-fighting with small ships because of its great speed, but watch out for anyone looking to intrude.
  • Due to the low range of its Turrets, you have to get close or you won't be able to fire. Use the Mjolnheimr's speed to get close and take out other ships.
  • Similar to the Ampharos.
  • Good for countering Carriers without point-defence because it can quickly shred Fighters.
  • Try to use this on Alien Swarmers, as the 9 Small Turrets will take the ship down in seconds, and the Cargo Hold will be able to hold all the loot.

Version History


  • Is the only Battlecruiser to have 9 Light Turrets.
  • Mjolnir (or Mj√∂lnir) is the name of the hammer used by the Norse god of thunder, Thor.
  • Is supposed to be what would be like a smaller version of the Slipstream, though the Ampharos has now taken that title
  • The old model had rough similarities to an EVE Online Battlecruiser, the Myrmidon
  • Created by MAKO Shipyards
  • Its current model has a similair design to the Star Wars ship the Ginivex-class Starfighter.
  • Commonly called an "mjol" by players.