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Advanced Ship

This ship is an Advanced ship. It is a powerful, semi-limited ship that stands out among others of its class and may require special build materials or quests.

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The Slipstream is a fast and maneuverable Dreadnought with a focus on speed and Hull health.


What the Slipstream lacks in shield integrity it makes up with sheer Hull strength. Its speed of 140 makes it faster than all other Dreadnoughts in the game. This ship's speed and decent accuracy makes it great for Pirating large Freighters and Miners.


The interior is pretty simple, having a cockpit and two terminals at the right and left side of the pilot's seat and a hologram in front of the seat. There are also a few decorative elements that do not function.


  • Turrets have good placement and a decent line of sight and can shoot behind the ship.
  • High speed for a Dreadnought at a whopping 140 max speed, faster than most Battleships and even some Battlecruisers, as well as being much faster than the Prototypes.
  • High Hull health.
  • Its high Hull health makes it really useful for diving Ships near Starbases as it will take lower damage from their Heavy Lasers.
  • A good ship against shield breakers.
  • One of the best Dreadnoughts to dive a Starbase, having enough speed to dodge some of the Heavy Lasers.
  • High turn speed for a Dreadnought
  • A good hull tank.
  • A jack of all trades.
  • The highest turret DPS of any dread, and very good DPS in general.
  • Can outmaneuver any Dreadnought, making it useful in PvP as well.


  • Slightly weak shields for a Dreadnought.
  • No Spinals
  • Somewhat low firepower compared to other Dreadnoughts, especially when it lacks Spinals.
  • Tall build makes it easier for Spinals to land a hit on the ship vertically. However, this can be fixed by turning the ship sideways.
  • Susceptible to hull-breakers like the Ridgebreaker.
  • Low range for most of its weapons.
  • Has difficulty docking if other large ships are under it.
  • Advanced ship on a limited rotation, meaning it will be extremely expensive and cannot be reobtained until it is back in rotation.


  • Use the excellent Turret Placement and mobility to fight other Ships.
  • If you line up correctly with an enemy ship chasing you, the chances to hit it at 100% speed will Increase.
  • Use this to chase down Ships and miners to abuse its powerful speed and damage.
  • When going against Spinal focused ships, exploit their requirement to travel and keep a long distance to dodge the Spinals with its speed, while picking away at the enemy's health.
  • Avoid large groups of skilled battlecruisers, as just 3 Aeaphiels can heavily damage or even destroy you.
  • It can be used as a larger Ampharos for pest control of larger ships, due to its high damage and O.K accuracy. Additionally, its high speed allows it to chase down ships at and below its class.
  • Always keep an eye on your health, this ship is the most expensive “normal” build menu dreadnought, and you might not afford losing it.
  • Use the excellent maneuverability to dodge the fire of stronger PvP ships that require their spinals to deal damage.
  • Try not to use it as a flagship in sieges, it can’t tank for very long and has mostly low range turrets. Instead use it to dive defensive enemy ships or to support heavy sieging ships.
  • Easily pirate defenseless miners and freighters with the speed and turret firepower.
  • 2-3 of these, much like the triple Osiris, can easily cut down dreadnoughts and destroy most supercapitals. Don't be afraid to take on lone dreadnoughts.

Version History

  • Hull buffed from 6150 to 7150 and turn speed increased from 0.07 to 0.1 in .65b.
  • Turn speed increased to 0.19 from 0.1 in .65b.
  • Hull buffed from 7150 to 8850 in version .66b??, Medium Lasers replaced with Point Defense Lasers.
  • Hull buffed again from 8850 to 10,150 in version .66b
  • Remodel added in version .66b
  • Top speed increased to 120 in version .68e.
  • 4 Capital Cannons changed to 2 Heavy Railguns and 2 Heavy Flak Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Received a major overhaul in .72d4, 2 Heavy Railguns removed for an extra 2 Heavy Flak cannons, shield buffed from 1850 to 2750, hull nerfed from 10150 to 9850, turn speed buffed from 0.21 to 0.24, cargo hold nerfed from 300 to 40.
  • Around .75.9-75.10[Cant pinpoint], It got offsale and Re-added on Rotation as a Advanced Ship, The Previous guns changed to 4 Triple Heavy Lasers and 6 Triple Heavy Cannons. cargo hold nerfed to 850, Speed changed from 125 to 140.


  • The first vertically oriented ship in the game.
  • Resembles the Myrmidon and Naglfar from EVE Online.
  • Often referred to as the "Slipmeme"
  • The Alien text on the side of the Ship says "PEACE FOR ALL" despite the Slipstream being a deadly Dreadnought.
  • Built by Slarfie
  • One of the few vertical ships along with the Ampharos, Mjolnheimr, Khapri and Halkaryak.
  • Turned into an Advanced Ship for reasons unknown.