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The Hevnetier is a fairly large Carrier with a focus on Turrets and it's special Battleship-like Fighter.


The Hevnetier is a large Carrier that is fairly mobile for its size. There are two hangers to the left and right of the ship, each housing a single Nighthawk. The front of the ship contains its Battleship-like fighter, the Elanis.


The Hevnetier has a simple interior, being a box with a screen at the front, containing a stool that is the pilot's seat, two more seats for fighter pilots and four teleporters. The one at the back leads to outside of the ship. The ones on the left and right leads to the respective hangers. The one at the front leads to the Elanis.


  • Has a Fighter comparable to a battleship.
  • Very well-defended against small Ships compared to other ships of its class.
  • Good support ship for pest control.
  • High Hull damage.


  • The Carrier itself lacks Spinal firepower.
  • Heavy Flak Cannons are on top of the ship, leaving the underside vulnerable to attack from smaller ships.
  • Rather low Shield damage compared to Hull damage.
  • Low Fighter count.
  • Teleporting to the ship is currently unreliable, so Fighter pilots need to be already boarded to use the Fighters.
  • Rather low health for a Carrier.
  • Unable to fire all Turrets at once.
  • While the Elanis seems effective for a fighter at a glance, the poor agility and damage for a Fighter(of its size) makes it essentially cannon fodder; leaving the Hevnetier with only two Nighthawks for support once the Elanis is destroyed, making this carrier overall abysmal for fighter support.
  • While the Hevnetier on paper seems like a decent Carrier, the combination of less than ideal statistics, poor turret placement(inability to fire all turrets at once), and terrible overall fighter effectiveness makes for a very weak as well as a very expensive paperweight, easily destroyed by a single Dreadnought, or a couple of Battleships.


  • It can be used as a support Carrier in sieges by carrying Fighters to distract enemy Starbases, as well as providing defense against smaller ships.
  • Useful in fleets, as it provides a powerful and disposable Fighter.
  • Try to avoid Shield tanks, such as the Judgement and Lazarus, as this ship lacks the weapons to properly deal with them.
  • Release fighters, get a pilot in the Elanis, then recall fighters. You are now just a dreadnought with 16 turrets, congratulations.
  • Forget about the other strategy tips, just get an Elanis pilot, recall fighters, and warp back to your base.
  • When fighting with the Hevnetier, try and stay level with the opponent so your Triple Heavy Lasers have a line of sight and the Hevnetier can quickly go under once opponents are hulled.

Version History


  • It was part of a batch of Carriers added in the game in .46, when farterbotz pushed to have more Carriers other than the Stormbringer.
  • The Hevnetier's old model was the smallest and weakest carrier until the Vanguard was added to the game.
  • The old model used to spawn random Fighters.
  • Once was the only ship to carry Xenophiles, and also the only ship that carries Blitz and Frenzy fighters outside of their exclusive carriers (Borealis and Rhino respectively).
  • The only carrier that houses a Battleship-like Fighter, the Elanis.
  • Resembles the Nyx, a supercarrier from EVE online
Original Hevnetier Model