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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships and can be built on the build menu

The Deity is one of the nine Super Capital Ships in the game. It is a serious threat to other large ships.


The Deity is a rather fast and agile Super Capital Ship, despite its large size. It is capable of dishing out large amounts of damage.


The interior of the Deity is a rather large room that contains a small staircase leading up to the pilot's seat. In front of the pilot's seat is a teleporter which leads to a hidden room.


  • Faster and has a better turn speed than most Dreadnoughts.
  • Wide variety of Turrets.
  • Has a turn speed as good as some Battleships.
  • A large variety of heavy Turrets.
  • Turrets have a good line of sight, especially when under targets.
  • Has high health and excellent mobility for it's class
  • Has high firepower


  • No Spinals.
  • No Turrets underneath the ship, making it an easy target for swarms of smaller ships.
  • Hard to hit small ships with this ship.


  • Never travel alone unless you are absolutely certain you will not lose it.
  • Keep large ships in your line of fire by taking advantage of your quick speed and good maneuverability.
  • When fighting against large ships such as other Super Capitals or Dreadnoughts, take advantage of your superior mobility and warp underneath them.
  • This ship is great at diving, so use that to your advantage.
  • This ship has a large variety of turrets, so don't be afraid of the occasional Retribution or Andromeda with their puny HP.

Version History

  • Added in version .65b
  • Turn speed buffed from 0.08 to 0.1 in version .66b
  • Remodelled in .66b
  • Disabled in .66b along with the other Super Capitals due to weapon part/alien device duping.
  • Reactivated in .66b shortly after being disabled but now with a credit cost.
  • Received an orange trail in .66c
  • Turret loadout changed to 2 Huge Double Laser, 2 Capital Triple Cannon, 1 Huge Triple Cannon, 2 Capital Triple Laser, 1 Quantum Cannon, and 1 Heavy Flak Cannon in version .72b. Shield and hull increased to 10500 shield and 12500 hull in version .72b.
  • Reactivated in .72b with a new cost: Now requires 1 SC permit and regular build materials
  • Version 72f: loadout changed--3 Huge Quad Lasers; 4 Heavy Quantum Lasers; 2 Huge Triple Cannons; 1 Triple Heavy Quantum Cannon; Deity turnspeed lowered to 0.2
  • Turnspeed increased to 0.22, Two Huge Quad Lasers swapped for Two Huge Triple Lasers in version .72f.
  • Turnspeed lowered to 0.19, Huge Quad Laser drops to a Huge Double Laser in version .72f.
  • Deity turnspeed increased to 0.21 from 0.19, Deity trades 2 Heavy Quantum Lasers for 2 Quantum Lasers, Deity trades 1 Huge Triple Laser for 1 Huge Double Laser in version .72f


  • Deity has a secret teleporter to a room with a god-like toaster.
  • The first ship to have huge turrets
  • Widely considered 'OP' by players after the buff to Deity in .72b
  • Its original model contained The Cultists' logo.
  • The original model shared some designs in it similar to the Osiris.
  • A Deity is a higher power or a god.
  • The first player to lose a Deity was VindictiveXZ, who lost it to a Leviathan piloted by 1_Fast. It was the second Super Capital Ship to be destroyed.
  • The remodel was based on the Farragut from ELITE: Dangerous
  • The first model was referred to a "shoe" by some players.