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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships in the game.

The Deity is an extremely maneuverable Super Capital Ship that is extremely adept at brawling against other capital ships.


The Deity is an extremely large Super Capital Ship, but despite its size, it is fast and agile and capable of dishing out large amounts of damage, making it excellent for combat against other capital ships.

The Deity has a module "Adaptive Thrusters"


The Deity is a mid-sized Super Capital Ship that has a similar shape to the Oblivion, with an extremely long forked shape front. The ship contains many detailing similar to other ships in Event Horizon, with striped platings that correspond to team color lining the ship. The back of the ship features many engines and a large ring at the middle. Despite the middle of the ship being hollow and similar to that of a large spinal barrel, the Deity does not use any sort of spinal whatsoever.

The Interior consists of two rooms, one is the bridge found in the middle of the ship, and one is the lounge, found at the bottom of the ship. The bridge consists of a large control center, with the pilot seat in the middle, along with an illustration of the ship. A meeting room is found with a large table and adjacent to it are the doors that lead outside the ship and the other leading to the lounge room. The lounge room is mainly made of glass, making it similar to an observatory, with a bar in the middle and seats on the front.


  • Fantastic for PvP against other Dreadnoughts, Carriers and especially Super Capitals.
  • Has turn speed that is better than many Battleships.
  • Has the highest mobility and speed in its class.
  • Turrets have good accuracy and extremely fast reload, allowing it to mow down enemy ships easily.
  • Has high turret-based firepower.
  • Module changes top speed to 150 in exchange for lower turn speed.


  • No Turrets underneath the ship, making it an easy target for swarms of smaller ships.
  • Low hull damage output compared to shields.
  • 2nd lowest total health out of any Super Capital Ship, only beaten by Theia.
  • Rather low health and limited range makes it an inappropriate ship for sieging.
  • Has difficulty hitting ships that are smaller than a Battlecruiser.
  • Like most large ships, it has a lot of surface area where it can be easily shot. This is somewhat balanced by the relatively high speed of this ship.


  • It is not a good idea to siege with this ship because of its below average health and limited range.
  • Never travel alone unless you are absolutely certain you will not lose it.
  • If you are up against a Super Capital Ship, try to get under them and behind them so you can take it down while minimizing damage from their main, heavy-hitting Turrets.
  • This ship is best used in a fleet, as providing cover for it can make it maximize it's potential, and lessens the chance of getting dived.
  • Avoid attempting to engage multiple small ships at once. The ship is capable, but like many other ships in its class; it suffers from less than ideal accuracy on its turrets, and is highly vulnerable to swarming because of it.
  • Keep large ships in your line of fire by taking advantage of your quick speed and good maneuverability.
  • When fighting against large ships such as other Super Capitals or Dreadnoughts, take advantage of your superior mobility and warp underneath them.
  • This ship is great at diving, so use that to your advantage.

Version History

  • Added in version .65b
  • Turn speed buffed from 0.08 to 0.1 in version .66b
  • Remodeled in .66b
  • Disabled in .66b along with the other Super Capitals due to weapon part/alien device duping
  • Reactivated in .66b shortly after being disabled but now with a credit cost
  • Received an orange trail in .66c
  • Turret loadout changed to 2 Huge Double Laser, 2 Capital Triple Cannon, 1 Huge Triple Cannon, 2 Capital Triple Laser, 1 Quantum Cannon, and 1 Heavy Flak Cannon in version .72b. Shield and hull increased to 10500 shield and 12500 hull in version .72b
  • Reactivated in .72b with a new cost: Now requires 1 SC permit and regular build materials
  • Version 72f: loadout changed—3 Huge Quad Lasers; 4 Heavy Quantum Lasers; 2 Huge Triple Cannons; 1 Triple Heavy Quantum Cannon; Deity turnspeed lowered to 0.2
  • Turnspeed increased to 0.22, Two Huge Quad Lasers swapped for Two Huge Triple Lasers in version .72f
  • Turnspeed lowered to 0.19, Huge Quad Laser drops to a Huge Double Laser in version .72f
  • Deity turnspeed increased to 0.21 from 0.19, Deity trades 2 Heavy Quantum Lasers for 2 Quantum Lasers, Deity trades 1 Huge Triple Laser for 1 Huge Double Laser in version .72f
  • Rebalanced in .75a3
  • Taken offsale in version .75a5 along with all the other build menu super capitals to reduce super capital permit prices
  • Deity DockPoint moved like 1.8 studs to the right (no longer off-center) .75a12
  • Deity and Olympian turrets remodeled in an unknown version.


Deity's 1st Model
Deity's 2nd Model
  • Deity used to have a secret teleporter to a room with a toaster as an object.
  • The first ship to have Huge size Turrets.
  • Its first model contained The Cultists' logo and shared some designs in it similar to the Osiris.
  • This ship's name is reference to a divine character or nature.
  • The first player to lose a Deity was VindictiveXZ, who lost it to a Leviathan piloted by 1_Fast. It was the second Super Capital Ship to be destroyed.
  • The 2nd Model was based on the Farragut from ELITE: Dangerous
  • The 1st Model was referred to a "shoe" by some players.