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Advanced Ship

This ship is an Advanced ship. It is a powerful, semi-limited ship that stands out among others of its class and may require special build materials or quests.

Visit this Page to see if this ship is in rotation as it is classified as an Advanced Ship.

The Osiris is a powerful Advanced Dreadnought with powerful Turret Firepower.


The Osiris is a powerful Dreadnought has focus on Broadside-firepower.

This Ship excels at being a flagship in a fleet due to it's speed, the diversity of Turrets it has, and having high health for a Dreadnought. It's firepower leans more on shredding Shields due to it's 6 Large Phasers on each side of it.

All these combined, the Osiris can be used as a multi-role ship like other Advanced Ships.


The Osiris has an extremely long and thin profile for a Dreadnought. The ship's details sport a cyber and futuristic appearance much like other Advanced Ships. It's most defining feature is it's "Reversed Beak" in the front which thins out towards the front end, but despite having spinal-like barrels on its beak, the Osiris has no forward-facing Spinals, and instead was the first ship to employ broadside Spinals on it's side as 12 Barrels sticking out on each mid-section of the ship. The ship has 4 extremely large engines on the back that has a large nozzle.

The ship also has Event Horizon Shipyards logo next to many of it's Quantum Turrets, citing the Company which made this ship.

The Interior is a large room with the Pilot seat in the middle surrounded by what appears to be a glass border or wall and a screen covering the whole Cockpit. On the left screen features the Osiris's starboard view and it's current status judging from the symbols. The text on-top of the starboard view says "ARGOS COMBAT COORDINATOR" and there is Event Horizon Ship Yards logo way below it. On the middle screen there appears to be the Osiris's targeting system and multiple other texts. On the right screen shows what appears to be enemies that have been detected by it.


  • Powerful and unique Advanced Turrets and 6 Large Phasers gives it a powerful range of armaments.
  • Turrets and Spinals are both optimized for broadside combat.
  • High Combined Health of 34,500 allows it to tank heavy fire in a siege or team fight.
  • Fantastic for PvP against other Dreadnoughts, Carriers, and even Super Capitals.
  • Good speed and turn speed for its size
  • Shreds shields with a Shield DPS of 432.
  • Small Blindspots.
  • Large Cargo Hold for a Dreadnought.
  • Since it is a Dreadnought, it requires less loyalty than an equivalent Super Capital, and three can be spawned per faction.


  • Somewhat Vulnerable backside; only 1 or 2 Turrets have line-of-sight.
  • Unbalanced Shields compared to Hull, making it vulnerable against shield-breakers.
  • Fighting broadside leaves a large surface area available for spinal and turret fire, increasing the damage you may receive.
  • Inaccurate turrets incapable of hitting anything smaller than a Battlecruiser.
  • More difficult and awkward to aim the spinals due to them being broadsides.
  • Its status as an Advanced Ship and it's expense puts a big target on your head, and its semi-limited nature along with the massive cost means it will take a while to get back if lost due to the rotation.


  • Broadsiding is key for all Turrets and Spinals to hit.
  • Beware of swarms of small Ships that can overwhelm, outrun and dodge the Osiris' inaccurate weaponry.
  • When fighting other ships, use your high mobility to try and work your way into your enemy's weak points.
  • This ship is best used in a fleet, as providing cover for it can make it maximize it's potential, and lessens the chance of getting dived.
  • Avoid swarms of small, agile ships; your turrets aren't accurate enough to hit and destroy them, on top of your size and maneuverability making easy for the swarms to stay in your blind-spots.
  • If you are up against a Prototype or Super Capital, try to get under them and behind them so you can take it down without it attacking you with their main, heavy-hitting Turrets.
  • You can take on most normal Dreadnoughts in a 1v1, so don't hesitate when a Nemesis or Apocalypse attacks, (as long as you're sure their team won't dive.)
  • Use this ship to chase down crippled Capital Ships, as it has high hull damage output.
  • Be extremely careful during war, due to this ship's cost it is a large target for groups to suddenly attack.
  • Similar to the Slipstream a group of 3 Osiris' can easily shred any dreadnoughts, and destroy most supercapitals.

Version History

  • Released in version .64a
  • 2 Dual Medium Cannons replaced with 2 Medium Advanced Autolasers in version .64f, one light Advanced Autocannon added.
  • Remodeled and was buffed to gain broadside Spinals in version ???.
  • Increased the Hull from 6225 to 6975 in version ???
  • Disabled along with all other Artifact Ships in version .65a
  • Re-enabled in version .65b, but cost increased dramatically to 4 million Credits.
  • Hull nerfed from 6975 to 5500 and shield nerfed from 9550 to 9000 in .65b
  • Disabled in .66b along with the other Super-Capitals due to weapon part/alien device duping.
  • Re-enabled in .66b with other Super-Capitals, cost increased to 7 million Credits.
  • Shields and cost reduced in version .66b.
  • Received a stronger Turret in version .66b.
  • Quest disabled early due to glitches in version .66b.
  • One Quantum Laser upgraded to Heavy Quantum Laser, Advanced Autoturrets upgraded to Heavy PDL and Flak in version ???
  • Shields buffed to 8950 and hull to 6500 in version .66b
  • Remodeled in version .67c after having meshing issues.
  • Speed and turnspeed buffed to 80 and 0.14, along with a loadout change in version .72e4.
  • (Above loadout change: One Triple Heavy Quantum Laser, Two Heavy Quantum Cannons, Four Quantum Cannons, One Heavy PDL, One Quantum Laser)
  • 8 Medium Phasers --> 6 Large Phasers (both sides) in version .72f
  • Made obtainable in an unknown version, along with Helios and Imperator. (Off-sale in version .73a)
  • Gains another Heavy Quantum Cannon in version .74b
  • Released as rotation-based advanced ship in .74b
  • Re-released as a rotation-based advanced ship, costing 1.1 million credits, 2 quantum cores, 30 plasma batteries, 12 armored plating, 6 antimatter shards, 4 data archives, and 2 ascension crystals. in .75a
  • Explosion Size 500 ----> 800 in .75a12


  • Accidentally released in the build menu on 5/18/2020. Was found by a BlackHawk member on the Galaxy Development Server. About 10-20 were built in a single private server before it was shut down. The equivalent materials used in this glitch cost about 471,302 with a Level 26 Warehouse, much cheaper compared to the 2 million credit cost while it was in rotation.
  • The first ship to have broadside Spinals.
  • Considered by many as better or more versatile than a Super Capital due to the fleet you can build up with these, and the amount of firepower on the Osiris. However, some people believe a Super Capital is better due to their superior health, and sometimes superior DPS.
  • Among the faster Dreadnoughts.
  • Featured in rotation during April 2020, it was found under the stairs of the Derelict Station, which could be accessed through a non-collidable wall behind the emergency gun. There, you would find the Shady Soldier who would sell you it for 2,000,000 credits.
  • Has a faction named after it: The Osiris Legion
  • Used to have the same amount and type of broadside spinals as the Genesis.
  • (Previously?) Sold in the top level of Freedom Base by the Strange Character.
  • The second ship in the game to have Artifacts in its materials cost.