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Advanced Ship

This ship is an Advanced ship. It is a powerful, semi-limited ship that stands out among others of its class and may require special build materials or quests.

Visit this Page to see if this ship is in rotation as it is classified as an Advanced Ship.

The Imperator is a large and tanky Advanced Battleship.


The Imperator is a very powerful Battleship and was the first of its class to require artifacts to build.

What the Imperator lacks in speed and size it makes up for total its sheer Health. This Ship excels at being one of the flagships in a fleet due to it's health, the diversity of Turrets it has, and having high firepower.

All these combined, the Imperator can be used as a multi-role ship like other Advanced Ships.


The Imperator is one of the largest Battleships in the game, being as large as most Dreadnoughts. Its most prominent features are its large bridge window and its two large, angled arms lined with turrets, as well as a central rounded region from which there are spinal barrels, though these shoot no spinals at all. The ship has a futuristic gray and neon styling theme, which is seen in other ships like the Prototype X-1 or the Kraken.

The Interior of the Imperator starts with a hallway that has the Osiris Legion flag on each side of the wall, leading up to the pilot cabin, which there is a large screen that displays the text "Imperator".


  • Highest health of any current Battleship.
  • Relatively high turn-speed for a Battleship.
  • Great for PvP and Siege support.
  • Great firepower and versatility from its 9 Turrets and 4 Spinal Barrels.
  • The Auto-Lasers provide good defense from smaller Ships.
  • Has 200 Shield & Hull DPS, giving it a total of 313 DPS, which is higher than most Build Menu ships.


  • Very large, practically Dreadnought-sized.
  • Has two blind spots, one in the very front in between the arms, and another one behind the ship.
  • Thick profile and top-mounted Turrets make it hard to shoot ships that move below you.
  • Low range and accuracy for many of its weapons.
  • Somewhat weak to Shield Breakers as it has mainly Shield-based health.
  • Despite it having the high health, it still can be fragile due to being a slow and easy to hit target.
  • Advanced ship on a limited rotation, meaning it will be expensive and cannot be reobtained until it is back in rotation.


    • This ship is best used in a fleet, as providing cover for it can make it maximize it's potential, and lessens the chance of getting dived.
  • Despite some difficulty, it can defend against small ships, however it is best used against larger ships.
  • The Imperator can easily destroy low-tier Dreadnoughts, making it a great ship against Super Capital Ships in a fleet if you can manage to stay in their blind spots.
  • Use this ship to chase down crippled Capital Ships, as it has high hull damage output.
  • The Imperator is fit for pirating, and is pretty good at it too.
  • Avoid using it to tank too much damage, as its status as a target makes it a priority to destroy over other ships.
  • Use it as a replacement for a Dreadnought if three are already spawned or you do not have enough Loyalty.

Version History

  • Disabled along with all other Artifact Ships in version .65a (?)
  • Re-enabled in version .65b, but cost increased dramatically to 1 million Credits.
  • Received a unique Quantum Turret and advanced Medium Cannons in version .65b.
  • Quantum Cannon replaced with Quantum Laser in version .66b.
  • Shield Health was changed from 5000 to 4500 in version .66b.
  • Price decreased from 1M to 600K in version .66b
  • Maximum Shield/Hull buffed from 4500/3500 to 5500/3850, turn speed buffed from 0.12 to 0.22, armament buffed in version .66c.
  • Made available with every other advanced ship (except Osiris) for a month in version .69e.
  • Price increased by $400,000 credits in version .69e.
  • Price increased yet again by $500,000 credits in version .69e.
  • Price reduced to 1.4M credits in version .69e.
  • Price changed from 1.4M credits to 3 Antimatter, 1 Ascension, 500K Credits in version .72e1.
  • Price changed from version .72e1 to 500k credits, 1 quantum core, 6 armored plating, 6 plasma batteries, 2 antimatter shards, 2 data archives, and 1 ascension crystal.
  • Added into randomized rotation cycle in .75a.
  • Spinals moved, should be easier to hit now .75a12
  • Explosion size 100 ----> 450 .75a12


  • Multiple references to the Osiris, which is an Advanced Dreadnought.
  • Made in the Osiris Legion Shipyards.
  • Only sells for 62,710 Credits.
  • Can take a Level 1 Frion I in 6.7 Minutes
  • The player who has lost Imperators the most is ethamberry, who has lost it 15 times.