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This page explains the different archetypes and terminologies of information related to Galaxy and the purpose of these terminologies, as well as some individual examples of ships, players .etc that fall into each one. Many of these terms are also used by experienced players as slang or shorthand to make strategizing more efficient.

These terms may be seen as Galaxy Jargon to new players, but they save lots of time when communicating an overall strategy.

Feel free to add your own archetypes and share your information on them. This page is still somewhat outdated in information but gives the general idea.

Combat Archetypes

Term Description Example
Alpha/Alpha Damage The amount of damage that a ship deals in a single volley. "The Archeon can deal up to ~1900 Alpha Damage."
Balanced A term used for having a good proportion of Shield and Hull Health/Firepower. "This ship has a balanced health of 7000/7000"
Blindspot An area of a ship where there is little to no firepower or is obstructed from line of sight. "The blindspot of the Apocalypse is its underside."
Broadside A ship that has focus on firepower when facing on its side. "The Osiris focuses on Broadside firepower."
DPS Damage Per Second. The amount of firepower a ship gives out every second consistently. "The Astraeus has incredible alpha, but you should utilize the Oblivion for high DPS"
Glass Cannon A ship with very powerful weapons at the expense of low health. "The Andromeda is known for being a glass cannon due to its weaponry, but low health."
Hull Breaker A ship with a large kinetic weapon arsenal like railguns and cannons that allows for quick destruction of enemy hull. "The Ridgebreaker is a famous and widely used hull breaker."
Hull DPS The amount of firepower a ship gives out when a target is Hulled. "The Hull-DPS of Stealth Ships are very high."
Hulled A term used when a Ship has depleted all of its shields. "That limited ship is hulled!, dive it!"
Ideal DPS (Different from DPS), Is a term used by Developers for measuring a Ship's firepower under ideal conditions which are unlikely to happen all at once in PvP. (e.g. All Shots hit, No Damage Resistance, Shield based weapons hit only shield.) "Optimal damage primarily used in ship power calculations and developer rebalancing."
LoS Short for Line of Sight. Is a technical term for Ships in which a part or angle of a ship's Turrets and Spinals are unobstructed, "The Apocalypse does not have any line of sight underneath"
Nuke Usually done to big ships or bases. This typically involves a big ship with a huge explosive radius. They would usually warp right up to the target and make them shoot them, but when the nuke ship dies, the goal is to take the target with them due to the ship's powerful explosion. "My limited almost died from a Nimitz nuke..."
Pest Control Ships/AA These ships are often equipped with a large arsenal of light or high-accuracy turrets, thus allowing them to destroy fighters easily. "A swarm of Pythons can be a very effective way of having pest control."
Pirate Ship/Pirate (Not to be confused with AI Pirates) Pirate ships are ships that are used by players to destroy utility. They often are very small, fast, maneuverable, and able to deal damage quickly. For a complete description and list of examples, see the main page here. "The Astraeus is one of the most powerful pirate ships"
PvP Ship PvP ships are fairly large ships designed to deal damage to other large ships, usually in the context of ship to ship combat. They often have high firepower and moderate maneuverability. "The Ampharos is great for repelling Kneall swarmers and Carrier fighters, but the Warlock can hold up in a fight with another battleship."
Siege Ship Siege ships are ships designed to deal massive damage to Starbases in a siege. They often have high defense, a large health pool, and very high firepower, but are slow and unable to defend themselves from small ships. "The Avalon is a good siege ship, but requires good aim"
Shield Breaker A ship with a large laser arsenal that allows for quick destruction of enemy shields. "Warden is often used as a shield breaker"
Shield DPS The amount of firepower a ship gives out when a target has Shields. "The Elanis has an absurdly high shield dps of 450."
Stealth An extremely fast ship which has a unique property of being nearly invisible both in the Minimap and its model. "Dive that hulled Judge with your hull-breaking torpedoes, he can't hit you back"
Support ship A ship that cannot do much alone, but becomes very useful when used alongside other ships or players. "Many Carriers can act as a useful support ship."
Swarmer This type of ship has no commonly used name, and are often referred to as Swarmers, Fighters, Dogfighters or just small ships. These are very fast, very maneuverable ships with low firepower and an emphasis on Spinals. They are often used for fighting one another, called dogfighting, outnumbering and mobbing larger ships, or distracting base lasers. TBA
Swarm A fleet of many small ships deployed in sieges, PvP, and Pirating. "A coordinated swarm of Leechers destroyed a Prototype X-1 once."
Tank A tank is a ship with excellent defensive capabilities and health pools used to absorb damage while other ships stay behind the tank and deal damage. "Subjugator is one of the best tanks in the game"
Volley The firing of every Turret and Spinal that a ship has at once. "A volley from the "Retro Cyclops" will pack a punch."

Behavior Archetypes

Term Description
Awox Used to name the event in which a person gets backstabbed or betrayed. An example is a member of a clan killing another clan member's ship.
Camper A player that has a ship with excellent PvP capabilities that remains stationed at a transport hub, usually the Mega Base or another starbase close by to attack traders and unsuspecting miners.
Dive/Diving Warp to a target and instantly engage, often used as a command.
FC Short for Fleet Commander. A player who gives orders and issues commands to fleet their commanding, usually a leader of one.
Grinder A miner or trader that has been consistently engaged in mining or trading. Usually targets for pirates.
Gamma Warp/Delta Warp Warping to a destination or target with inaccuracy.
Kek To destroy another ship.
Swarm(ing) The act of deploying a carrier near a base, deploying fighters to attack the base, then pulling out. A variant of bait and switch. If any weak ships, like miners, are stationed at the target base, they may be destroyed.
Panic-Warp(er) A player who quickly charges and engages their warp, usually short or far away from their starbase, in an attempt to save their ship from death. This tactic usually results in the Panic-Warper getting Dived.
Vulture A person in a freighter that loots wrecks that others have destroyed without asking. They generally cause anger among more experienced players, and can be annoying after large sieges or when a boss has been killed.

Miscellaneous Jargon

Nickname Description
Carnage A command for a bot found inside the Galaxy Discord which tells how much a Ship, Player, or Faction has destroyed ships in credits.
Gamma/Delta A term most players use as an insult. Basically, the modern-day version of 0 score.
Partshift A term used by Developers where certain parts of the ships become misaligned from their usual positions over time.
Rc A nickname for Galaxy's creator; Rcouret.
Spinal TP A type of exploit where Spinals could always hit you via an exploit when it shouldn't. A term used by Players and Admins.
L Drawing attention to the misfortune of another player, usually through a major ship loss or an anticheat kick.

Ship Type Jargon

Term Description
BB Short for Battleship.
BC Short for Battlecruiser.
Capital/Capital Ship A Capital Ship is a ship with a large size commonly found at Battleship-class ships and above.
Dread Short for Dreadnought.
SC Short for Super Capital.

Ship and Starbase Naming Jargon

Nickname Description
Amp/Amph Simplified nickname for Ampharos.
Andro Simplified nickname for Andromeda.
Anni Simplified nickname for Annihilator.
Apoc Simplified nickname for Apocalypse.
Arch/Arche Simplified nickname for Archeon.
Arma Simplified nickname for Armageddon.
Argo Simplified nickname for Argonaut.
Astra Simplified nickname for Astraeus.
Ava Simplified nickname for Avalon.
Az Simplified nickname for Azreal.
Cata Simplified nickname for Catalyst.
Carv Simplified nickname for Carvainir.
Cy/Cyc Simplified nickname for Cyclops.
Deci Simplified nickname for Alien Ship Decimator.
Fatlas Nickname for Atlas from it's size and shape.
FG Short for Freedom Galaxy.
Frank Simplified nickname for Frankenemi.
Hasa Simplified nickname for Hasatan.
Hawk Simplified nickname for Hawklight.
Hype/Hyp Simplified nickname for Hyperion.
Imp Simplified nickname for Imperator.
Judge Simplified nickname for Judgement.
Kodi Simplified nickname for the Pirate boss, Kodiak.
Kekblade Nickname for Starblade.
Laz Simplified nickname for Lazarus.
Legion Simplified nickname for Legionnaire.
Levi Simplified nickname for Leviathan.
Loy/Loyal Simplified nickname for Loyalist.
Luci Simplified nickname for Lucifer.
Meme Class Nickname for the M Class.
MB Short for Megabase.
Microwave Class Nickname for the M Class due to its shape.
MS Short for Mothership.
Nag/Nagl Short for Naglfar.
Nem/Neme Short for Nemesis.
Oblit Simplified nickname for Obliterator.
Osi Simplified nickname for Osiris.
Prome/Prom Simplified nickname for Prometheus.
Proto Simplified nickname for Prototypes.
Pun Simplified nickname for the Alien Ship Punisher.
Retri Simplified nickname for Retribution.
Ridge Simplified nickname for Ridgebreaker.
Sag/Sagg Simplified Nickname for Sagittarius.
Sent/Senta Simplified Nickname for Sentaliz.
Slipmeme/Slip Nickname for Slipstream.
Sov Simplified Nickname for Sovereign.
Sub Simplified Nickname for Subjugator.
Temp Simplified nickname for Tempest.
Tenn Simplified nickname for Tennhausen.
Toilet brush Nickname for the E Class.
X-1/X1 Shorthand for the Prototype X-1.
X-2/X2 Shorthand for the Prototype X-2.
X-3/X3 Shorthand for the Prototype X-3.

Ores Jargon

Term Description
Adam Short for Adamantite.
Carb Short for Carbon.
Common ores A name for 3 ore types; Silicate, Carbon and Iridium, which are found easily.
Iri or Irid Short for Iridium.
Pal or Palla Short for Palladium.
Quan or Quant Short for Quantium
Rare ores A name for 4 ore types; Palladium, Titanium, Adamantite and Quantium, which are much more difficult to find.
Sil or Sili Short for Silicate.
Tita Short for Titanium.
Uran Short for Uranium.