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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships in the game.

Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

Lucifer is a Super Capital ship that is part of the Halloween Event 2019.


The Lucifer was the Halloween Event 2019 Super Capital Ship that has extremely accurate Turrets and powerful Spinal weaponry.

This Super Capital ship excels at being an all-rounder Super Capital Ship, with balanced Hull and Shield for tanking, accurate and powerful Turrets for defending against both Small and Capital Ships, and having long range weaponry for Sieging.

The Lucifer has a module "Quantum Wave"


The Lucifer is a long, massive Super Capital Ship that has an extremely large profile, and has many spikes, windows and fins jutting out from it, making it resemble a spiky sea cucumber. It has 3 extremely large Spinal barrels in it's front with particles emitting from it, just like the particle emitters on it's sides. It also has 3 extremely large engines in it's back, though these emit no trails.

The Lucifer shares the same Interior as the Azreal and Abaddon, with a black, foggy hallway, being the only difference is the color. At the front, there is a purple glowing orb with electricity coming out of it, and in front of it there is purple text that says


Note that it's ambience is extremely faint and may need to max your volume in order to hear it. (Now only relevant for the old ambience file in the Trivia section at the bottom of the page.)


  • Huge, balanced health pool along with great damage resistance due to being a Super Capital.
  • Turn speed is very high for a ship of its size, surpassing some Battleships.
  • Powerful, extremely accurate and long range Turrets.
  • Spinals output high damage.
  • Good cargo hold.
  • Huge DPS of 520+.
  • Massive explosion radius of 1500, the highest in the game (along with both prototypes and Kodiak).
  • Unlike most other Super Capitals, it can easily defend itself against small ships with the accurate weapons.


  • Large blindspots behind and under the ship.
  • Struggles to fire all turrets at once, unless pointing directly or above at its target.
  • Ridiculously expensive, mainly due to the Class A Permit, which in total can cost over 10 million credits.
  • Loses more than half of its DPS if you can’t hit the spinals.
  • Lucifer's Spinals have poor arcs and they can be difficult to get used to.
  • Its DPS is more oriented around shields, causing rather low Hull damage output for its price.
  • It's extremely powerful nuke will be a threat to your own fleet/team when your ship is destroyed.
  • A large target due to being a Limited Super Capital Ship, as well as its exorbitant cost.


  • It is never a good idea to use this ship alone in PvP. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust as you will always be a massive target.
  • Always be alert of your surroundings when using this ship, like constantly checking the minimap.
  • If Sieging with it, be sure to not only be a part of a fleet but also make use of the range of the turrets and spinals.
  • Use its maneuverability to get into a ship's blindspot and shred them with its insane damage output.
  • Never underestimate your health, a swarm of high power ships such as Nightmares can exploit your blindspots and destroy you if you aren't careful.
  • If a ship is hiding in one of your blind spots, warp a short distance and use your fast turn speed then shred them when you have a line of sight.
  • One of the few weaknesses of this ship is groups. A few high power ships of any kind may overwhelm you if you have no support, so always try to fly in at least a small fleet.
  • Do not attempt to solo siege a faction with stronger players, they can easily spawn their powerful ships to destroy you, similar to a Log-off Trap.
  • To repeat. Be extremely cautious and watch for any possibility of danger, the Lucifer is very powerful but extremely expensive to lose.
  • If you are being sieged, even spawning this can scare off most inexperienced attackers, and the rest may leave due to the loss of support and extremely high power of this ship, but this is risky as you may be targeted immediately.
  • If you think your ship will be destroyed, Warp your ship away as far as possible from your own fleet or Starbase as the nuke has a whopping radius of 15000 studs, and if possible, you can warp to the enemies' fleet and get close to more expensive enemy ships or Starbase to bring the nuke there instead.
  • It is highly recommended to record this ship every time you use it in case you lose it for unfair reasons due to the price.

Version History

  • Added in the Halloween Event 2019 in version .66b.
  • DPS reduced by 5% in version .66b.
  • Health increased from 12500/12500 to 14500/14500 / Speed increased from 50 (default speed) to 60 / Turnspeed increased from 0.1 to 0.13 / Spinals increased from 5/5 Huge Phasers/Cannons to 7/7 Huge Phasers/Cannons / Turrets have been changed to point defense/flak (two of each type) in version .72f
  • Was re-released some time in 2021, costing around 1.5 million and a B permit (5-5.5 million in total). Now it requires an A permit and is over double that price. Version unknown.
  • Explosion radius increased to 1500 in an unknown version (only revealed in-game).
  • Cost nerfed from Class A to Class B in version .75a12.
  • Collision boxes arranged so the user cant get stuck in interior in an unknown version.
  • Cost reverted from Class B to Class A in version .75a23.
  • Ambience updated in an unknown version.


  • Lucifer is the first, and currently the only Super Capital Ship to be part of an event.
  • Excluding Permits like the Class A Permit, the Lucifer is the most expensive ship in Material costs, totalling at 4.5 Million, beating both Prototypes. Though Waspinator dethrones it at being the most expensive ship if you were to pay 7 Million creidts at the Waspinator's quest The Council.
  • Used to be made with the Lucifer Core, which was obtained in the quest Spooky.
  • The first person to lose one was xps_15 to LegitWesternSpy's Prototype X-2.
  • The Lucifer, along with some other Halloween 2019 ships, is part of a select few ships in the game that have ambient sounds.
  • The Lucifer was originally meant to serve as the boss ship for the Halloween 2019; furthermore, a player-owned variant of the ship was planned to be obtainable under the name of 'Omen', hence the outdaded text in the interior.
  • This ship shares its name with Lucifer Station, a small space station orbiting Frion I.
  • xps_15 and Crosh105 have the lost this ship the most times, having lost it 3 times each.
    • In addition, the second time xps lost it, it was refunded as he was dock blocked.
  • If you are using a Lucifer and you jump out of the seat it while facing upwards, you may end up inside the ship. This caused a user to lose a Lucifer, as seen here. The user has since got it refunded. This is refundable still in regards to the public announcement on discord below.
    • [TNCOC] Confinium Today at 1:47 PM {@everyone If you got stuck in the ceiling of the Lucifer and have a recording of it leading to your ships destruction, it is 100% refundable and you should submit it to #refund_request. Do not rely on the Wiki to tell you what is or isn't refundable.}
    • It is also further recommended to always record when driving expensive event ships, in order to corroborate evidence if a refund is necessary. Recording can be done directly through the ROBLOX player or other external programs.
  • During the 2019 Halloween event, the Lucifer costed 2 million credits, but if you were to use the cost command in-game now, its material cost would be around 1.2 million credits.
  • Its namesake, Lucifer, has significance in religion and mythology.
  • One of the best ships for either terrifying newer players or attracting pirates.
  • Despite being one of the largest ships in the game, the playable Lucifer is extremely small compared to the Lore accurate Lucifer (in fact, there is a ship called "LAL" [short for Lore Accurate Lucifer] that is many orders of magnitude larger than this ship, reaching an astonishing 1,485,000 meters in length).