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Sieges are a strategy commonly used to raid starbases. It involves the use of capital siege ships, especially Dreadnoughts. Many ships are built for this purpose, such as the Archeon, Cyclops, Apocalypse,and Ridgebreaker. For support, other ships may also be used, to destroy any incoming enemy ships, or to distract base fire.

Brute Force Raiding

  1. Players spawn Dreadnoughts or other capital Siege ships.
  2. A ship goes within a base's Heavy Turret's range (<=8,000 studs) and fire. When a ship's shields go down, a player will warp back to base to heal. (Some players, mainly Ridgebreaker users, would prefer to remain at the same range, and tank on their hull (mainly because their Huge Cannons can destroy the base while their hull can remain intact). It is not recommended to attempt this tactic while using a ship that has less hull, such as the Cyclops or Archeon.)
  3. Some other players may spawn other ships (Fighters, Cruisers, etc.) to assist the siege ships. If the starbase is lower in level and is undefended, a few ships or minimal firepower could possibly be enough.


  • High damage output of Dreadnoughts make base destruction quick and easy.


  • Base fire can do high damage to dreadnoughts, especially when they are large and easy to hit.
  • As most dreadnoughts lack adequate ship-to-ship combat power, and are slow, small ships can take advantage on them without taking damage.
  • Can spell trouble if enemy ships (especially those that excel at PvP) intervene
  • Extremely hard to defend against with the right support ships.

Torpedo Raiding

  1. Instead of conventional Siege ships, players use Torpedo ships, such as the Hasatan, Kraken or any other ship armed with Torpedoes
  2. With Torpedo ships, players have the advantage of being long ranged (7,500 - 8,000 studs), out of base turret fire range, and high damage per shot. However, it requires manual aiming of Torpedoes.

Fighter Raiding

  1. A player spawns out a Carrier, such as the Executioner, Prometheus or Nyx.
  2. The player will wait for other ships to join him/her.
  3. After that, they will warp closer to Starbase, but keep in mind that the maximum range for Base Heavy Turrets is 8,000 studs since Railguns have a maximum range of 8,000 studs.
  4. The player then deploys fighters. A swarm of fighters distract the turrets with its speed when attacking while the player's carrier and other ships get closer to the base.

Different fighters have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a Nixesion has a lot of firepower and can do quite a bit of damage to a Starbase quickly, but can be killed really fast when close enough to the Starbase due to its speed (at least when compared to other fighters) and mediocre Shield and Hull. The strategy of players using them also has an impact.


  • The old Starbase model had a blind spot where a Starblade or other small ships are safe. The ship won't be hurt as long as the Starbase doesn't get upgraded or another ship doesn't attack you.
  • With the new AI fighters, players can launch their fighters from a carrier, then warp off while allowing the fighters to damage the base