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The Zero is a very good Destroyer for dog-fighting.


The Zero has a decent amount of health, while also being fast and maneuvrable. It is very good for attacking larger ships from their blind-spots and killing fighters with its turrets and phasers. There are two gatling guns which can take on smaller ships. A very good starting warship.


The interior of the Zero consists only of a small pass-through cockpit window and a square acting as the pilot's seat.


  • Fourth cheapest Destroyer.
  • Powerful phasers, they can all fire together.
  • Good Shield damage.


  • Weak hull.
  • The Spinals fire in a horizontal line, making hitting small ships and aiming difficult.
  • Not as much DPS (damage per second) as the Cobra.
  • Very weak turrets.
  • It will get melted by a Cobra or any other ships with a lot of phasers.
  • Rather slow for a Destroyer.
  • Low Hull damage.


  • Use this ships agility to attack Frigates and Fighters.
  • Send this ship out to destroy any attacking carriers fighters
  • Avoid ships with many small turrets such as the ampharos as they will shred you apart.
  • Use Q and E to tilt your ship to make sure the most spinals can hit.

Version History

  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Top speed reduced from 210 to 115, Turn Speed reduced from 0.63 to 0.5, 2 Medium Phasers changed to 4 Small Phasers and given a remodel in version .66b.


  • It docks the same way a Wasp does where you can just walk straight into the ship.
  • The Zero was for a brief time the only ship to have Homing Missiles on it, but only in Galaxy Development.
  • You can get the ship for free by using code "SPACE".