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The Ridgebreaker is a large, slow Dreadnought-Class ship designed specifically for sieging.


The Ridgebreaker is a strong hull-focused Dreadnought with 4 prominent Cannons protruding from the front and strong Turret firepower. Most effective when paired with the Sagittarius.


You enter the bridge to find a red seat in the middle of the room, with a sign saying "Interior" on the front wall. Much like the Lazarus and Cyber Leviathan.


  • Powerful kinetic Turret and Spinal firepower, capable of obliterating the hull Hull of Starbases and other Capital Ships.
  • Very high Hull health for a Dreadnought.
  • Due to the position of the Spinal barrels and the pilot seat, the Cannonsactually have 6800-7000 range.
  • Contains shield-based turrets along with most of the turrets and all spinals dealing high amounts of hull damage.


  • Incapable of fighting smaller and faster Ships effectively, if at all.
  • Vulnerable bottom and backside.
  • Slow, and not very maneuverable.
  • Mediocre Shield health for a Dreadnought.
  • Spinal aiming skills needed in PVP.
  • Spinal barrels are far apart, making aiming at close or even medium range, difficult.
  • On the more expensive side of Dreadnoughts.
  • Mediocre Shield damage.


  • Use it as the main tank in sieges for its massive pool of Hull.
  • Try not wasting your Spinals, a considerable amount of your firepower comes from them.
  • Be sure to bring a shield breaker such as the Sagittarius, that way your Cannons and Railguns can do the most hull damage.
  • Use range to your advantage during a siege; the Ridgebreaker has more damage at long range than almost all other Dreadnoughts.
  • Due to its reliance on kinetic weaponry, this ship is best used when a foe's Shields have been depleted. It may not be the best idea to be the one soaking up all the initial damage in a Siege, due to the fact you want your remaining health to last enough to destroy the Starbase's Hull.
  • A Combination of a Sagittarius and Ridgebreaker can be a big threat, as they will dish out damage fast from afar.

Version History

  • At one point most of its exterior detail was removed leaving some simple decorations in its place, and its living quarters were completely removed.
  • Received a massive buff in .61e4 that boosted Cargo Hold, health, and ship cost.
  • Remodeled in .61h1.
  • Received a Heavy Railgun in .65b.
  • Explosion range increased from 10 to 175 in .65b.
  • Remodeled in .65b.
  • Heavy Lasers were replaced with two Capital Lasers in version .66b
  • Received a slight recolor with Neon parts near the cannons and around the bridge in .66b.
  • Disabled temporarily during version .66b (Re-enabled October 22nd after a partcount decrease).
  • Given 2 Triple Heavy Cannons in version .68e.
  • Capital Lasers along with the Capital Cannons removed in unknown version from all ships equipped with them.
  • Major price increase in version .69a2, Uranium is now required to build.
  • Top Speed increased from 14 to 50 and Turn Speed increased from 0.04 to 0.1 in version .70c1, along with every other ship that had less than 50 Top Speed and less than 0.1 Turn Speed.
  • Explosion Size 175 ----> 740 .75a12
  • 2x Triple Heavy Cannon ----> 2x Heavy Siege Railgun .75a20
  • Interior remodeled from 16Clampa .76c


Template:Picture Infobox Mk II

  • The original model had Torpedoes, which were removed prior to addition.
  • The current model is based off the original Ridgebreaker model.
  • The current model received some backlash by the community as it gives it a much larger blind spot on the underside of the ship but also praise as many players liked the original model's four giant barrels.
  • Before rebalances, it was among the most powerful Dreadnoughts.
  • The second model is a reference to the Ragnarov Titan from Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, although perhaps it took inspiration from Destiny's Dreadnaught.
  • Despite having a Heavy Railgun before .66b, the Ridgebreaker did not receive a Capital Cannon in place of said Railgun.
  • Previously had the lowest top speed in the game, at 14, now tied with every ship with a top speed of 45 as the slowest ship in the game, such as Orca, Prototype X-1, Ghoul Nyx, Lazarus and Prototype X-2.
The Dreadnaught
Third Model of the Ridgebreaker next to a first model of a Ridgebreaker.