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The Mothership was the strongest (and most tanky) Starbase in the game. You are able to upgrade it to level 5 and it even has its own custom Turrets. At level 5, these build up to a massive arsenal of 8 Mothership Miniguns, 4 Mothership Lasers, 2 Mothership Cannons, 6 Mothership Railguns and 1 Mothership Large Railgun. It has a total of 40,000 health without upgrades. 20,000 shield and 20,000 hull. It has a massive explosion size.

A friendly warning to the community:

Nearly everyone underestimates the explosion size of the mothership and lost their ship to its explosion. Mothership's explosion radius for each level are 1000, 1300, 1690, 2197 and 2857 respectively, which is a whopping 28570 studs at max level so be sure to warp far, far away from it when it explodes.


  • The Mothership had been ready to be added to the game for a while before the update launched.
  • The Mothership CANNOT be captured via shooting it like a planet. This will destroy it, as it is listed as a normal NPC base, and behaves much like the Freedom Base or the Derelict Station.
  • Its death sound is loud, even louder than the old UNE Starbase Alarm.
  • The explosion is so powerful that it has the highest explosion radius at max level (2857 explosion radius).
  • It is the first of any upgrade-capable base to have a Level 5 upgrade.
  • The Mothership closely resembles the original Cyclops.
  • There is a large blindspot at the rear of the Mothership. If you are an enemy and stay at the rear of the Mothership, the Mothership will start attacking itself in an attempt to hit your ship. This, however, will not damage the Mothership.
  • There was an admin version of the Mothership while it was being designed.
  • There used to be a screen in the Mega Base that referenced the Mothership.
  • For whatever reason unknown, whether it be better ships or a lesser explosion, the Mothership death seems to be less deadly as of version .66b. Compared to before when it could kill a full health leviathan, a Lucifer can take the explosion from 8.5k studs away and only have half of its shield removed.
  • There is a teleporter in the unconstructed part of the mothership. The use is unknown as it functions like trying to go in the door of the kneall embassy, sending you to the Mega Base. If truly needed, this place can be used as a last ditch effort for despawning a ship.
  • A fair amount of people out there may want to do something called a 'revenge kill' on the Mothership, most often meaning that the Mothership explosion destroyed their (possibly expensive) ship at least once.
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