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The Cutlass is a Hull-focused Battleship


The Cutlass features a wide array of Turrets, capable of dealing with both small and large Ships. It has very low Shield health but Hull health similar to some Dreadnoughts.




  • A good array of Medium, and Large Turrets, allowing combat against a variety of ship classes.
  • High Hull health allows this ship to effectively warp underneath a hostile base which focuses on shield DPS.
  • Cutlass is the 2nd tankiest Build Menu Battleship, with its hull alone being the total health of some Battleships.
  • Cutlass has very good alpha for a battleship (1344 shield, 1974 hull).


  • Very slow and sluggish turn rate.
  • Poorly defended bottom.
  • Weak to Hull breakers due to low shield health.
  • Poor AA, despite having medium flak cannons they do not offer enough AA for fighting swarms.
  • Can only shoot above it and to its sides, easily divable.


  • Use your variety of weapons to support a fleet.
  • Adapt to many situations, as the ships various weapons can support many tasks.
  • Steer clear of Hull-breakers like the Avalon and ships with high DPS, PVP-Focused armaments like the Aegis.
  • Point your front under your target to make sure your Turrets have a line of sight.
  • Target hulled Capital Ships as your Heavy Railguns and Large Cannon can cripple them harder and potentially score a kill.
  • Useful as a decent hull tank against shield-focused weaponry.

Version History

  • Added in version .65b.
  • Hull increased from 5500 to 6500 in version .66b.
  • Shields reduced from 500 to 250, Hull increased from 6500 to 7750, 3 Small Turrets replaced with 1 Medium Laser, 1 Medium Flak Cannon and 1 Heavy Railgun in version .66b.
  • HP buffed from 2500/5500 to 3000/6000, and 4 armored platings were added to the cost in version .75a
  • Explosion size 110 ----> 330 .75a12
  • Armored Plating cost entirely removed .75a37
  • Gains 1 Medium Cannon .76d36


  • The model was originally submitted as a Sagittarius remodel.
  • The internal layout and chair positions may remind some people of the interior of the original Andromeda model.
  • Ship doesn't dock all the way at Aqueous II, as the thrusters block the docking process.
  • Largest Cargo Hold of a normal Battleship.
  • The Cutlass is essentially the reverse counterpart to the Aegis Battleship; low Shields and an arsenal that focus more on Hull-breaking.
  • The pilot's seat has a Cultist emblem on it, owing its existence to their shipyards.
  • Has the lowest shield of any Battleship.
  • Currently has the highest total health out of all non-limited Battleships that are in the build menu, although its shield health somewhat defeats the purpose of a jack-of-all-trades ship.