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The Cutlass is a Hull-focused Battleship with powerful Siege weaponry.


The Cutlass features a wide array of Turrets, capable of dealing with both small and large Ships. It has very low Shield health but Hull health similar to some Dreadnoughts. It is slow but also features Heavy Railguns, which have a long range of 8,000.


The interior is minimal and gray, containing a pilot seat and two separate chairs.


  • A good array of Medium, and Large Turrets, allowing combat against a variety of ship classes.
  • One of the few Battleships with Heavy Railguns, capable of out-ranging bases and dealing serious Hull damage.
  • High Hull health allows this ship to effectively warp underneath a hostile base which focuses on shield DPS.
  • Cutlass is the tankiest Build Menu Battleship, with its hull alone being the total health of some Battleships.


  • Very slow and sluggish.
  • Poorly defended bottom.
  • Weak to Hull breakers due to low shield health.
  • Poor AA, despite having medium flak cannons they do not offer enough AA for fighting swarms.
  • Can only shoot above it and to its sides, easily divable.


  • Use your variety of weapons to support a fleet.
  • Adapt to many situations, as the ships various weapons can support many tasks.
  • Steer clear of Hull-breakers like the Avalon and ships with high DPS, PVP-Focused armaments like the Aegis.
  • Point your front under your target to make sure your Turrets have a line of sight.
  • Target hulled Capital Ships as your Heavy Railguns and Large Cannon can cripple them harder and potentially score a kill.
  • Use your Heavy Railguns to out-range a Starbase during a siege.
  • Useful as a decent hull tank against shield-focused weaponry.

Version History

  • Added in version .65b.
  • Hull increased from 5500 to 6500 in version .66b.
  • Shields reduced from 500 to 250, Hull increased from 6500 to 7750, 3 Small Turrets replaced with 1 Medium Laser, 1 Medium Flak Cannon and 1 Heavy Railgun in version .66b.
  • HP buffed from 2500/5500 to 3000/6000, and 4 armored platings were added to the cost in version .75a
  • Explosion size 110 ----> 330 .75a12
  • Armored Plating cost entirely removed .75a37


  • The model was originally submitted as a Sagittarius remodel.
  • The internal layout and chair positions may remind some people of the interior of the original Andromeda model.
  • Ship doesn't dock all the way at Aqueous II, as the thrusters block the docking process.
  • Largest Cargo Hold of a normal Battleship.
  • The Cutlass is essentially the reverse counterpart to the Aegis Battleship; low Shields and an arsenal that focus more on Hull-breaking.
  • The pilot's seat has a Cultist emblem on it, owing its existence to their shipyards.
  • Has the lowest shield of any Battleship.
  • Currently has the highest total health out of all non-limited Battleships that are in the build menu, although its shield health somewhat defeats the purpose of a jack-of-all-trades ship.