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The Aegis is a Battleship that focuses on Shield health and Turrets.


The Aegis is a large shield-melting Battleship. It has 2 prominent blast wings at the sides, similar to some Dreadnoughts.


The Aegis has a small teleporter on one front wing that leads to the interior. The interior has a pilot's seat and a small glowing control board. Behind the seat is a doorway and keypad that leads to a separate room with some crates and two counters, on which rests a Razer-brand toaster.


  • High firepower from both Turrets and Spinals.
  • High shields.
  • Good mobility for a Battleship.
  • High Acceleration for a Battleship.
  • Good Turret Placement.
  • Amazing against ships like the Hawklight or Ampharos.
  • Icon is smaller than a normal Battleship, this is because the Aegis is smaller. This can be helpful when hiding under dreads then warping.


  • Very weak Hull.
  • Expensive.
  • Easy to kill with Shield damaging Ships like the Zeus.
  • Not as effective against smaller ships as other battleships. Either the Loyalist or Ampharos would be better options against faster ships.


  • This ship can be used as a support ship in sieges with its versatile amount of Turrets, and can tank fire from hull shredding anti-siege ships for some time. It also performs somewhat decently in PvP.
  • Instead of retreating when reaching hull, you should to retreat at around 25-40% Shields, since most ships will dive you due to the weak hull.
  • Retreat when there is a risk of being overpowered. You can back off quickly due to its high acceleration.
  • Starbases will make short work of the Aegis's shields, so watch out during sieges.
  • Due to the Aegis's large amount of Shields and low amount of Hull, avoid ships with a lot of Laser Turrets like the Zeus.
  • A very powerful way to employ Aegis is in 1 on 1 battleship or lower, warping tactically right behind a ship or at least very close to get a full turret salvo off on an enemy ship, and utilize the spinals after your large lasers have shredded their shields. Doing this on a Battlecruiser usually results in the Battlecruiser getting very low or destroyed before being able to warp out.

Version History

  • Received some changes in .63h that added 900 Shield, added 1 Heavy Laser, lowered the Speed from 100 to 80, and increased the price.
  • Max Shield increased to 5300 from 5000 in .65b
  • Remodeled in version .66b
  • Turn speed reduced from 0.45 to 0.4 in version .66b
  • Buffed in .66b, making its two light lasers become two medium lasers.
  • Explosion Size 45 ----> 270 .75a12


  • The Aegis had a limited event remodel, the Glacier, on sale for the Christmas Event 2017. The limited event ship itself is stronger than the Aegis in health, but no longer looks similar to the Aegis due to its new remodel.
  • The old Aegis looks similar to the Ankylon Titan from Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.
  • The old ship model was flipped upside down after Beta, and was later buffed and given Spinals.

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