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The Hawklight is generally considered to be one of the strongest Battleships in Galaxy, especially as a PvP ship.


A popular Battleship for new and experienced players alike. Many players have used the Hawklight for Sieges; however, it also shines as a PvP ship. Its powerful array of Turrets and Spinals allow it to quickly destroy ships of many different sizes. The placement of the Turrets makes it very easy to land the first few hits, but if facing more agile ships with turn speeds comparable to the Gryphon, the Hawklight will have difficulty landing powerful hits. One could consider this ship a hull-breaking counterpart to the Warden, an extremely similar ship with a shield-oriented weapons array being the only feature that sets it apart from the Hawklight.


The interior of the Hawklight is very alien-themed. You'll enter an empty dock port with a single teleporter to the bridge, and inside the bridge is a fairly detailed room with a single pilot's seat facing an orange triangle. The back of the triangle is another white triangle, and it is rather weird. There are two doors on the side that do not lead anywhere and cannot be walked through.


  • Decent health pool, especially towards Shields.
  • Perfect for destroying hulled Ships in a siege or counter-siege due to it’s great Hull-breaking abilities.
  • Cheap compared to other battleships.
  • Quite fast for a battleship, allowing it to dodge some shots from heavier turrets.


  • While it is not technically a blind spot, the bottom of the ship is rather exposed to tiny, agile Ships.
  • Hard to damage Hull if you can't aim with Spinals.
  • Several blind spots.
  • Hull health is somewhat lower compared to Shields.


  • It is a great ship for fighting Battlecruisers and other large ships like Dreadnoughts, however, do not attack faster, more agile ships.
  • Like any other battleship, you will be focused in a siege if you are the biggest ship present, DO NOT be the last one out if your team warps away.
  • Great ship for Sieges and counter-sieges, use it for that.
  • The Hawklight is effective at destroying Hull-Focused Opponents with its Spinals.
  • Don't let enemy ships get underneath you, instead get underneath them to hit your Turrets or in front of them to fire your Spinals.
  • Try and stay away from shield tanks, since the Hawklight is focused on hull.
  • In PvP, never let your opponent get below you, always warp under them.
  • Once hulled, immediately warp back to a friendly starbase or such and dock ASAP. As people will likely chase you down once they see that you're hulled. If they do follow you to your starbase, de-spawn and heal another time. Don't take any chances.

Version History

  • Added in the Halloween Event 2016.
  • Received a remodel in update ??.
  • Changed in .63h to replace one Medium Laser with a Heavy Laser, increased Hull health by 250, and price changed.
  • Max Shield increased to 3050 from 2750 in .65b
  • Remodeled in version .66b, also receiving a buff, with its Shield health going from 3050 to 4150, its hull from 2350 to 2750, as well as gaining 2 more Dual Medium Cannons.
  • 2 Medium Cannons and 1 Triple Heavy Laser removed and Shield reduced to 3150 removed in version .69a1.
  • 6 spinal Medium Cannons increased to 8 Medium Cannons in version .72f1.
  • 8 Medium Cannons increased to 10 Medium Cannons, and Point Defence Laser replaced with Heavy Point Defence Laser in version .75a5.
  • Explosion Size 100 ----> 320 .75a12


  • When the game first came out this was the largest ship in the game.
  • This ship is most likely named after Champion Hawklight from Field of Battle; a game also created by Rcouret.
  • Since this ship is one of the earliest ships to be added, several other ships reference it in their descriptions.
  • Featured in the main thumbnail for Galaxy.
  • Had a pumpkin attached to the old model for Halloween 2016.
  • This ship used to be asymmetrical with its third model, as the smaller wings differed in size, shape, and position.
  • This ship was chosen for the Halloween Event 2018 as a remade Halloween Ship and has been remade as the Hallowlight.
  • At one point, it was the most popular Battleship in the game.
  • The classic Hawklight returned for the Retro Ship Event 2019 and Black Friday Event 2019 as the Retro Hawklight.
  • Despite having 8 total spinal barrels on the model, it has 10 usable barrels.
  • The hawklight has the same mobility as the Warden, as well as almost the exact opposite weapon loadout and shield/hull.