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VIP Ship

This ship is a VIP ship and can only be obtained if you own the VIP Gamepass.

The Aeaphiel is a fast all-rounder Battlecruiser.


One of the first player-submitted ships to be added, though the original model has since been replaced. A Battlecruiser which strikes a balance between its Turrets, Spinal Weapons, durability, and maneuverability, but excels the most at pirating ships as large or larger than itself.


The interior of the Aeaphiel is quite plain. The ship doesn't even have a door, it's just has a gaping hole into the vacuum of space. Once entering the ship you will be greeted by a very empty room with a lot of unused space. The pilot's seat is at the front of the ship facing some screens that control the ship.


  • Decent all-rounder.
  • High shields, higher than any other non-limited Battlecruiser, with the exception of the MRLS Launcher.
  • Good Shield health.
  • Very convenient Turret placement.
  • Heavy Railgun has a whopping 8000 range, which outranges a level 1 Starbase.
  • 2nd fastest ship of its class, as well as being very maneuverable.
  • Amazing overall damage output for a Battlecruiser, being higher than any other ship in its class with the exception of some Limited ships in the same class.



  • Use this against weakened Capital Ships, as your high speed and high damage can easily snag a kill.
  • Attack head-on like you would in a Sixfold or Lusso, so all Turrets and Phasers and Cannons can hit the target.
  • Avoid AA ships at the class of Capital Ships, their accurate firepower is enough to easily destroy this ship.
  • If possible, use this ship in swarms against large ships as you can easily overwhelm and destroy an overconfident large target.

Version History

  • Light Laser changed to Light Cannon in .64d, shield increased by 150
  • Max Shield increased to 2350 from 2150 in .65b
  • Hull buffed from 600 to 1670, speed buffed from 145 to 200, 1 Dual Medium Cannon replaced with a Heavy Railgun, gained 4 Small Cannon spinals, now requires VIP in version .73b3.
  • 1 Light Cannon replaced with 1 Dual Medium Cannon, 1 Dual Medium Laser added in version .73b3 (this was only revealed in-game).


  • In .51a The Aeaphiel received a remodel from ARiNA_AZUMA. It originally had 2000 shields, 800 hull, 2 Light Lasers, 1 Railgun, 1 Medium Laser, and 2 Medium Phasers.
  • Has a similar design to the Sentaliz, also made by ARiNA_AZUMA.
  • Prior to the remake, sometimes it would be difficult to enter the driver's seat.
  • It resembles an old Starblade model.
Old Aeaphiel Model