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Advanced Ship

This ship is an Advanced ship. It is a powerful, semi-limited ship that stands out among others of its class and may require special build materials or quests.

Visit this Page to see if this ship is in rotation as it is classified as an Advanced Ship.

The Helios is a powerful and extremely fast Battleship.


The Helios is a swift and hard hitting Battleship.

This ship excels at providing firepower support in fleets and Diving Ships with it's high firepower. It is able to effectively evade fire and dish out extreme damage with it's speed and agility in most situations. All these combined, the Helios can be used as a multi-role ship like other Advanced Ships.


The Helios has an extremely flat and Avian shape with wing shapes resembling that of a Crane's. On the front of it can be seen it's main spinal barrel. It has 2 long forks extending out of its 2 main wings. Both edges of the main wing change their color depending on the team's color.

The Interior is a black room with a pilot seat and a teleporter leading outside.


  • Very high damage output with its advanced Turrets and Spinals for a Battleship, being higher than most Dreadnoughts.
  • Fast and flat, allowing for easier dodging and reduced damage when Drifting.
  • Insanely fast and agile for a Battleship, having a top speed of 175 and 0.45 Turn Speed.
  • Large Cargo Hold for a Battleship.
  • One of the few ships with 100% Drift Percentage.
  • Speed, Maneuverability, and Firepower all make up for the Helios' lack of hull integrity.
  • Massive Shield and Hull damage, equal to the Sagittarius and the Ridgebreaker.


  • Extremely low Hull.
  • Weaker against, and capable of being easily destroyed by shield shredding targets.
  • When the Helios is not in rotation, you cannot get it again after you lose it until the next rotation. (potentially no longer an issue due to changes in advanced ship mechanics)
  • Expensive cost and Advanced classification makes for a high priority target.
  • Large blindspot underneath the ship.


  • Use your high mobility to out maneuver most Ships and obliterate Dreadnoughts and Battleships with ease.
  • Drift to minimize the damage you receive using your 100% Drifting Percentage.
  • Don't attack large fleets that can shoot accurately enough to counter your speed.
  • Always try to hit your spinals, they account for a large portion of your DPS.
  • Act as an extra pile of guns and not a flagship. The Helios can do tremendous amounts of damage, but being targeted greatly increases your chances of being destroyed.
  • This ship is good for Pirating bigger Miners and Freighters.
  • Avoid going too close to a Capital Ship, as you will have a hard time hitting your Spinals and their Turrets will shred you.
  • Avoid Shield Breakers such as the Zeus, as they will break your Shields and destroy you easily.
  • Warp away as soon as you can BEFORE you get your Shields destroyed because of your extremely low Hull.
  • Be wary when attacking ships larger than Dreadnoughts as their powerful weaponry could easily tear you apart.
  • A powerful counter to small siege fleets, as most siege ships have very inaccurate Turrets.
  • Warp into fights later, your low health and high hull damage make it a better option for survival and kill stealing.
  • Effective against pirates due to the high speed, high hull damage, flat shape, and shield based health.
  • Like other Advanced Ships, it is extremely effective in swarms. Gather a few more of this ship for extremely devastating DPS capable of quickly destroying almost any normal ship.
  • Against fleets, you have a very good chance of being targeted because other players will see you as an advanced Battleship kill. This could result you being dived even after taking little damage.

Version History

  • Added in .66b
  • Max speed decreased from 160 to 145, Phaser size reduced from Huge to Large, spinal firing interval increased from 0.01/0.1s (Cannon/Phaser) to 0.4/0.4s.
  • Shield buffed from 4000 to 4750, Cannon/Phaser interval decreased from 0.4/0.4s to 0.1/0.2s in version .66c.
  • Made available with every other advanced ship (except Osiris) for a month in version .69e.
  • Price increased by $400,000 credits in version .69e.
  • Price increased yet again by $500,000 credits in version .69e.
  • Version .72f buffed the speed of the Helios from 135 to 175.
  • Both spinal count increased by 1, acceleration increased to 50, turn speed increased to 0.45, speed increased from 175 to 185, put on the build menu for the month (Osiris would be taken offsale due to this) in version .73a3.
  • Loses an additional large cannon (Spinals )(6 -> 5) .75a12
  • Explosion size 95 ----> 400 .75a12


  • Named after the Greek sun god Helios.
  • First player to lose a Helios was DanXD911 to Dalencylo.
  • Very similar to the EvE Online ship Orthrus.
  • Was once in rotation at the same place where May's Ship, the Imperator was on sale at the U.N.E base in the second "ring"(when?).