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The Apocalypse is a Dreadnought with powerful Turret firepower.


The Apocalypse is mostly used as a siege ship or a PvP Ship. However, the acceleration and overall mobility is lacking (it moves slowly up and down) which makes it vulnerable to smaller ships. It is capable of many tasks due to its powerful arsenal of Turrets. This ship is even capable of Solo Sieging a Level 1 Starbase.


The interior of the Apocalypse is very detailed, more so than most other ships. The general design of the interior clearly takes inspiration from the U.N.E, as the interior is made up of sharp, angular parts. It has 3 different seats, all of which you can get into to see the 3rd person view of the ship, but only the middle seat can be used to pilot the ship. Each seat has the Apocalypse's logo on the back of it, and a screen in front of the ship. In front of the middle seat, there is a large screen covering the entire wall, which displays a model of the Apocalypse's, as well as "\\ALL SYSTEMS ONLINE//" and "The Apocalypse Has Arrived"


  • High Turret firepower.
  • Above-average turning speed.
  • Very small for a Dreadnought, Smaller than the Loyalist which is a Battleship
  • Good range


  • Huge blindspot at the bottom- all weapons are mounted on the top of the ship.
  • Lacks small Turret firepower, unable to fend off smaller Ships.
  • It can be overwhelmed by smaller Ships such as a Razor Wing, and Vansnova.


  • It fails at attacking anything smaller than a Battleship or large Battlecruiser, as its weapons are very inaccurate. Because of this, always try to stay near a fleet.
  • It is very good at brawling other Dreadnoughts, with strong Turret firepower and astounding turnspeed, which is higher than most other Dreadnoughts.
  • It can withstand a lot of damage from Railguns, but not very much from Heavy Lasers. It is still a good choice as a front line tank given its impressive health pool.
  • If you see an enemy ship always approach from the bottom so you can be sure you will be able to hit them. If the ship is already below you, then you'll be taking damage with no response from you own ship's weapons.
  • If dueling other Dreadnoughts, use your small and sleek body to dive under them and unleash your payload, they can't properly attack back. This is the most effective way of using this ship in both PvP and PvE.
  • If your turrets have no line of sight, warp under the enemy ship.

Version History

  • Before it's remake, it carried 3 Heavy Turrets,4 Medium Railguns, and 2 Flak Cannons. It was based on the EVE Online model.
  • Its Heavy Lasers and Medium Railguns were replaced with Triple Heavy Lasers and Dual Medium Railguns in .63h.
  • Remodel and turn speed buffed from 0.05 to 0.06 in version .??
  • Max Speed increased from 30 to 35, turn speed increased from 0.06 to 0.14, Hull reduced from 5950 to 5450, Shield reduced from 6420 to 6020, 2 Triple Heavy Lasers replaced with Rapid Fire Lasers in version .66b
  • Dual Medium Cannons and Triple Heavy Lasers replaced with Triple Heavy Cannons and Triple Capital Lasers in version .66b, also received a price buff.
  • Had a huge price reduction in version .66b to $170,878.4.
  • Was given a temporary model in version .68d?
  • Fixed in version .68e.
  • 2 Capital Triple Lasers changed to 2 Triple Heavy Lasers and 4 Triple Heavy Cannons changed to 4 Dual Medium Cannons in version .69a1.
  • 4 Dual Medium Cannons changed to 4 Lykos Cannon Defense in version .72c20.
  • 4 Lykos Cannon Defenses changed back to 4 Dual medium Cannons in unknown version.
  • 4 Dual Medium Cannons replaced with 4 Heavy Railguns in unknown version.
  • Explosion Size 60 ----> 640 .75a12
  • 4x Heavy Railgun ----> 4x Dual Heavy Railgun 2x Triple Heavy Laser / 1x Capital Triple Laser ----> 3x Heavy Quantum Laser 2x Triple Heavy Cannon ----> 2x Heavy Quantum Cannon Top Speed 45 ----> 60 Acceleration 10 ----> 20 .75a20


  • The previous model was often called "Lag-pocalypse" by many players, due to the ship's parts which caused massive amounts of lag.
  • Had turrets from an exclusive ship, the Lykos.
  • Commonly referred to as "Apoc". 
  • Featured on the main thumbnail for Galaxy.
  • Used by many people in the Galaxy community for Sieges and PvP.
  • At one point, the ship was "partially invisible" due to the 'Ship and Turret Model' issues in version .67c.
  • The original model was free, but had its colors altered. The model was named Spaceship and was made by Horeytey.

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