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The Apocalypse is a Dreadnought with overwhelmingly powerful Turret firepower.


The Apocalypse is mostly used as a siege ship or a PvP Ship. However, the acceleration and overall mobility is lacking (it moves slowly up and down) which makes it vulnerable to smaller ships. It is capable of many tasks, due to its powerful arsenal of Turrets. This ship is even capable of Solo Sieging a Level 1 Starbase. The Apocalypse has 6020 Shield and 5450 Hull points, making it a great ship for tanking in fleet combat and sieges.


The interior of the Apocalypse is quite small, like the ship itself, as it's similar to Battleships in its size. There is an invisible teleporter pad on the top-back section of the ship that the player can step on while the ship is docked. This leads to a small room in the bottom-back area of the ship that is mostly grey and decorated much like the interiors of either Prototype. There is a thinner area of a hallway that opens to a more expansive room with a grey and yellow pilot's seat and a control dashboard/screen.


  • High Turret firepower
  • Above-average turning speed.
  • Can tank for a short period of time during a siege.
  • Very small for a Dreadnought.
  • The Apocalypse's small mini-map icon might fool some pilots into thinking it's a weaker Dreadnought.



  • It fails at attacking anything smaller than a Battleship, as its weapons are very inaccurate. Because of this, always try to stay near a fleet.
  • It is very good at brawling other Dreadnoughts, with strong Turret firepower and astounding turnspeed, higher than most other Dreadnoughts
  • It can withstand a lot of damage from Railguns, but not very much from Heavy Lasers. It is still a good choice as a front line tank given its impressive health pool.
  • If you see an enemy ship always approach from the bottom so you can be sure that its loading won't get the best of you. If the ship is already below you, then you're dead.
  • If dueling other Dreadnoughts, use your small and sleek body to dive under them and unleash your payload, they can't properly attack back and this is the most effective way of using this ship.
  • If your turrets have no line of sight, use your A and D keys to turn your ship or warp under the enemy ship.

Version History


  • The previous model was called "Lag-pocalypse" by many players, due to the ship's parts which caused massive amounts of lag.
  • Has turrets from an exclusive ship, the Lykos.
  • Referred to as "Apoc". 
  • Featured on the main thumbnail for Galaxy.
  • Used by many people in the Galaxy community for Sieges and PvP.
  • At one point, the ship was "partially invisible" due to the 'Ship and Turret Model' issues in version .67c.
  • The original model was free, but had its colors altered. The model was named Spaceship and was made by Horeytey.