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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships and can be built on the build menu.

The Hyperion is one of the six Super Capital Ships in the game. This enormous ship can easily stand up to other large ships.


Built from the ring world Hyperant, the home of the Osiris Legion Shipyards. With unparalleled long range potential, the Hyperion makes for a fantastic Siege ship. Featuring a heavy array of both Turrets and Spinals, the enormous Hyperion can easily stand up to other large ships.


The exterior features a great quantity of detailing in a similar fashion to ships such as the Osiris. In the interior, a small teleporter pad teleports you into an orange decorated hallway. Moving forward you enter a small room with an orange glowing orb with the Osiris Legion Insignia. There are 2 paths to the control room which has 3 seats and decorated walls. The pilot's seat is in the middle and has an orange screen with the Osiris Legion insignia.


  • Variety of both Turrets and Spinals give it massive damage output and range.
  • Turret mount gives good line of sight to defend the ship from almost every angle.
  • Very strong explosion value of 1500 (The same as Prototypes, an 87.5% larger nuke than Prometheus, coming in at a radius of 15,000 studs).
  • High alpha damage with its spinals and turrets.
  • Can obliterate hull from its overwhelming Hull DPS and alpha.
  • Can siege bases from afar with its huge torpedoes since it outranges starbase turrets. Additionally, a large portion of its turrets can outrange a starbase's main heavy-hitting turrets (aside from railguns), further reducing risk.
  • Effective at destroying large and sluggish ships due to the high damage output.
  • Has a high cargo hold of 4,200 making it able to loot wrecks.
  • Ridiculous efficiency in sieges, due to the long range, massive damage, high health, and status as a Super Capital, which can scare off most enemies.


  • Turrets suffer from very poor accuracy against moving targets, making it easy to miss a ship even the size of a dreadnought from medium range if the target is moving (this also applies inversely; if the ship is moving too fast against a stationary target, the turrets are prone to missing from a distance). Combined with the available spinal weaponry, this ship is extremely prone to being easily swarmed by smaller, nimble ships.
  • You have to point directly at targets to shoot all turrets.
  • The Huge Torpedoes move at a snail's pace (300 studs/second), making it rather difficult to hit moving targets unless you're within very close range of them, or they are very large; on top of them making up a significant portion of the ship's damage output.
    • Additionally, the huge torpedoes have a very long reload time.
  • Very expensive, being the 2nd most expensive super capital putting it behind the Lucifer (except for prototypes as well as the Thubjugator) and requiring an SC Build Permit.
  • Somewhat sluggish maneuverability compared to some other super capital ships.
  • Has a long hallway from the pilot's seat to the exit, increasing the time for you to de-spawn. Additionally, due to issues with the interior, the player can get stuck inside the body of ship, and the teleporter may break for certain players (usually not the pilot). Both of these are refundable if sufficient evidence is provided.


  • Travel in fleets so you are defended from other fleets or swarms.
  • Focus on larger targets at close range when you can to ensure that your weapons can land accurately.
  • In a Siege, you can defend from large ships that attempt to break up the fleet. You can also outrange Starbases with the Spinals, and some of the turrets.
  • Use the high firepower on this ship to dive and chase down vulnerable or isolated Capital Ships.
  • Even though this ship has a strong nuke, it is almost certainly not worth doing a suicide mission in this ship due to the expense.
  • Pick your battles: Unless you know you have a fleet you can trust and that the enemy team has neither lots of competent and coordinated players or tricks up their sleeve, it is almost always better to use a cheaper alternative.

Version History

  • Added in version .65b
  • Disabled in .66b along with the other Super Capital Ships due to Weapons Part and Alien Device duplication.
  • Reactivated in .66b shortly after being disabled but now with a Credit cost.
  • Price moved down from 7.5 Million to only 2 Million along with all the other Super Capital Ships in .66b.
  • Model fixed in version .67e.
  • Remodeled and received unique turrets in version .68e
  • Received a buff to Armament, Mobility, Health and Explosion Size in version .72f
  • Cargo hold reduced from 2500 to 500 in version .72f
  • Heavy Quantum Lasers replaced with Hyperion Lasers in version .72f
  • Hyperion Lasers and Hyperion Triple Heavy Lasers nerfed in version .73b, they now have the same stats of a Triple Heavy Laser.
  • Hyperion Laser and Hyperion Triple Heavy Laser nerf reverted in version .73b3.
  • Hyperion Lasers and Hyperion Triple Heavy Railguns nerfed in version .73c(?), with both turrets losing one barrel.
  • Reworked to be more siege-focused in version .73d7; health lowered from 14020/12020 to 12000/12000, Top Speed increased from 55 to 65, Acceleration increased from 5 to 25; turret loadout changed from 2 Hyperion Triple Heavy Lasers, 2 Hyperion Lasers, 2 Hyperion Triple Heavy Railguns, 4 Hyperion Dual Heavy Railguns to 3 Super PDLs, 2 Hyperion Triple Heavy Lasers, 4 Hyperion Dual Heavy Railguns; Spinal loadout changed from 4 Huge Phasers, 3 Huge Torpedoes to 9 Huge Torpedoes, gained 2 HyperionShield fighters, explosion radius was also reduced from 1270 to 1250 (but the explosion radius nerf was only revealed in-game).
  • Reworked yet again in version .74b12; Shields increased from 12000 to 13000, Top Speed reduced from 65 to 55, Acceleration reduced from 25 to 20, Turn Speed increased from 0.11 to 0.13, Loadout changed to 2 Hyperion Triple Heavy Lasers, 2 Heavy Quantum Lasers and 4 Hyperion Dual Heavy Railguns; Spinal Loadout changed from 9 Huge Torpedoes to 4 Huge Phasers and 4 Huge Torpedoes, lost 2 HyperionShield fighters, explosion radius increased from 1250 to 1270 (explosion radius buff only revealed in-game).
  • Shield increased from 13,000 to 13,100 in an unknown version.
  • Received Hyperion Lasers in an unknown version. (Only revealed in-game.)
  • Received an explosion value increase to 1370 in unknown version.
  • Received yet another explosion value increase to 1500 in version .75a5.
  • Taken off-sale in version .75a5 to reduce permit prices.
  • Reintroduced to the LBM for a class A permit (Version ???)
  • Taken off the LBM and added to the regular SC build menu for a SC build permit. (.75a)


  • The Hyperion has the biggest ship nuke with the Lucifer, Prototype X-1 and Prototype X-2.
  • Parts of this ship's original model were teased during April Fools, with the images being described as pictures of the Prototype X-3.
  • The Hyperion has its own unique Turrets.
  • The first player to lose this ship was Goodbroly3. It was the first true Super Capital Ship to be destroyed (excluding the Prototypes).
  • This ship has a "sister," named the Theia. The Theia is a PvP based variant of the Hyperion more focused on spinal firepower.
  • The "Huge Photon Torpedoes" are a re-skin of the Huge Torpedoes and look like "Fire Cannons"
  • This ship was previously broken and mostly invisible due to meshing issues.
  • One of the best ships in the entire game for sieges, due to the insane DPS, range, and health.
  • Its core is also used to power the Jackal, according to the Jackal's description.
  • The small insignia of an eagle with a star could be a reference to Stellaris' Commonwealth of Man.
  • It also has a similar design to the Jackal, Vanguard, and Falcons.
  • Has a secret room in its Christmas Reskin that has a picture of a fictional girl and many Christmas decorations.