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Super Capital is a rare classification unique to a couple of ships with very high firepower & health. This classification is used to limit these ships' spawning parameters. These ships can only be spawned at level 3 faction-owned Starbases, and only after five minutes[citation needed] of endgame. The player must also have been on their team for three minutes.

Unlike other ships (except Advanced Ships), the Prototypes and other Super Capitals are purchased solely with Credits and special parts. In the original release of the Prototypes, each cost $2,000,000 credits. As of the second release of the Prototypes, the Prototype X-1 cost a maximum of $7,200,000 Credits, and the Prototype X-2 cost a maximum of $6,200,000 Credits. These ships are, without considering Admin-class ships, the largest, most powerful, and most expensive ships in the game. However, all three also share most Dreadnoughts' pitiful accuracy against small ships. The Prototype X-1 is generally considered more of a Tank/Siege ship, and the Prototype X-2 is generally more effective as a PvP ship against Dreadnoughts, though it can also play as tank in Sieges. In general, a non-prototype Super Capital has 19000-35000 HP total.

With the addition of the Deity, Hyperion, Subjugator, Oblivion, Theia and Astraeus the Super Capital classification has been expanded to a few more ships than the Prototypes. These ships are about the same price as the original Prototypes were, and still, pose a significant threat to them.

Super Capital Ships require an SC or Class A Build Permit along with their respective materials in order to build. They typically require a warehouse level of 26-31. There can be only 1 Super Capital spawned per faction.

Super Capitals

Super Capital ships are extremely powerful but expensive ships gained by building it on the build menu. There are currently 6 Super-Capital-Class ships in Galaxy.


Prototypes, a subgroup of Super-Capital ships, are Galaxy's largest and most powerful ships. Each ship cost around 7 million credits when they were on sale. These ships could only be obtained through limited quests.

There are currently 3 Prototype-Class ships in Galaxy, one being the joke ship Prototype X-3. With the recent release of Super Capitals on the build menu, Prototypes may also be re-released on the build menu in the future. When Prototypes rerelease, they cost an A permit along with weapon part and other expensive materials. The warehouse level requirement goes as high as level 38 and the price for one can go as high as 20 million credits.

Event Super Capitals

These are limited super capitals that you could only get for a certain period of time.

There is currently 1 Event Super-Capital.


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