Pleb's Kodiak

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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.


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The Pleb's Kodiak is an Alien AI ship that mimics the Kodiak. It can only be spawned by an admin.


The Pleb's Kodiak is a Pirate AI Super Capital ship that resembles the same shape as the Kraken. It can only be spawned in by admins.


Just like the Alien Punisher, Pleb's Kodiak identifies as a "boss" ship and calls in other pirates when attacked or attacking other instances. The ship will move towards and move away from its target to create distance and thus decrease the accuracy of the target.


Do not charge head in against a Pleb's Kodiak, even with the most powerful Super Capitals. You will be outgunned no matter what you use. Coordinate an attack with other players with the support of multiple Dreadnoughts, a full ai carrier and other ships to take down a Pleb's Kodiak. Make sure to warp 11k away when you're starting to get low, and wait for the Pleb's Kodiak to target someone else before warping back to base to heal.


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