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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Kodiak is a Pirate AI Super Capital Ship that has an extremely high firepower.


The Kodiak is an extremely small Super Capital that has an identical model to the Kraken, but has a Gold-Brown colour palette instead.

There is a teleporter on the left side of the ship that leads to the Interior.

The Interior is a yellow cockpit with a transparent window in-front of a wooden chair and table, the laptop's screen contains text saying "pleb has some serious issues".


The Kodiak is a Pirate boss that drops materials necessary to create the ships such as the Obliterator and Nautilus. The Kodiak can spawn multiple times in a round, however, due to the wait length and average round length, often only spawns once.

The Kodiak is extremely agile for a Super Capital Ship at 100 Top speed and 0.4 Turn Speed.

The HIJACKED Kodiak spawns every 120 minutes on a public server

As with all boss ships like the Decimator and Galleon, the Kodiak can call pirate ships to its side for reinforcements. These reinforcement ships can be dangerous at close range but can straggle behind, making them less of a threat until they warp to catch up.

This ship exhibits typical AI behavior, chasing after its targets by warping and moving back and forth in a roughly linear pattern when targets are stationary. Once it locks on and begins firing at its target, it won't stop until the target or itself has been destroyed.

A friendly warning to the community:

The explosion radius is 1500 or 15,000 studs, the 2nd highest in the game tied with both prototypes and the Lucifer (being behind Mothership at levels 3-5), be sure to warp far, far away from it to avoid being nuked, as anything within that radius will likely be destroyed. The safest option is warping roughly 15k from the explosion, but most Dreadnoughts can survive closer ranges without difficulty. Keep in mind that the damage increases greatly the closer you are to the explosion.

Kodiak's nuke damage is exactly 7500 at point-blank range to an E Class (12% damage resistance) at full shield. Warp more than 15k away from Kodiak when Kodiak is dying if you are not able to survive that amount of damage. It is also worth noting that a full health E Class is able to face tank a Kodiak nuke. So don't be afraid to vulture by tanking the explosion if you know you won't be dived afterwards.


  • This ship's high firepower can destroy even well-armored tanking ships extremely quickly at close range, so a distraction ship such as the Draco or Viper is highly recommended. - One way to kill a Kodiak is to lure it to a Starbase such as Mothership or a Planet such as an upgraded Frion I and fly around it 5k studs from Kodiak so the Kodiak would fire at the player but misses allowing the Planet/Starbase to kill the Kodiak with ease.
  • Warp very far away due to the very large and powerful nuke, at least 15,000 studs. You'll have time to warp, but do not delay.
  • Even most Dreadnoughts, and some Super Capital Ships, cannot take on the full firepower of the Kodiak, even without taking its spinals. Be very aware of this, stay near the starbase/planet, and dock-despawn if you're taking large amounts of damage at once and are not confident to keep taking it.
  • Teamwork helps greatly, but it can be solo'ed if you're willing to take risks.
  • A common strategy is to lure the Kodiak to the Mega Base, assuming the Decimator is present with an alien fleet (due to their similar spawn times), and let the 2 fleets destroy/cripple one another. While the Kodiak usually wins this encounter, it has been recorded that the Decimator has come very close to winning, at times surviving (although usually with player help) up to the Kodiak's explosion.
  • Stay at least 8k away and dodge incoming torpedoes if the Kodiak is targeting you. Up close it can absolutely obliterate most Capital Ships before they do any real damage. Do not warp further than 15k from it. It will warp to you and you may lose your ship.
  • Try to designate a ship as a target for the Kodiak so they can lure it in one direction at a distance and let other combat ships deal damage. If done properly, everyone attacking the Kodiak will take little to no damage.
  • When looting the Kodiak, make sure you’re not at war in case other players become angry, most people will want the loot and may attack if you take it without clear permission. Keep in mind that even if you are not at war people may still start a war.
  • Another way of soloing it is to use an AI Fighter Carrier. Click this for more information.
For this strategy to work better, it is recommended to get a Carrier with powerful fighters such as the Nyx, Icarus or Prometheus to use your AI Fighters with.

First, warp to Kodiak with a 9k-13k stud offset from it, then release fighters.

Second, after releasing the fighters, turn to your right/left and warp 7k once Kodiak reaches 7k studs from you and keep repeating this cycle, if done correctly you should receive little to no damage from Kodiak while you get the full Combat Reward.

Note: You have to keep pressing attack on your AI Fighter control center to ensure that your AI Fighters do not target ships other than Kodiak.

Note 2: It is not recommended to use this strategy the second time Kodiak spawns (480 Minutes) as Galleon spawns 10 minutes after it.


The wreck of the Kodiak contains 2 Quantum Cores, 2 Kodiak Platings, 60 Plasma Batteries, 660(?) Armor Scraps, and 7500 Material Scraps, along with 250000 credits in combat rewards when destroyed solo without any support.

Note: You can only loot up to 1 quantum core, 1 kodiak plating, 5 plasma batteries and 30 armor scrap from Kodiak at once. If you wish to loot more, transfer/sell your loot at the Mega Base then loot again. Material scrap has no loot limit and you can loot all of them in one go if you have enough cargo hold.

Version History

  • Disabled in an unknown version.
  • It was previously equipped with 4 Triple Heavy Cannons and 4 Triple Heavy Lasers, but in version .65a6, with the Kraken.
  • Re-enabled as a naturally-spawning boss in version .73a3.
  • 20 Armored Platings changed to 500 Armor Scraps in version .73c10.
  • From 7 players could was changed to 3 players to be able to spawn the Kodiak
  • 3 player now only needs 1 player with 90 minutes of round
  • Requires 4 players and spawns at a point between 21 and 150 minutes. (.74b17)
  • Player requirement reduced once more to at least 1 player in an unknown version.
  • Loot Reduced in an unknown version, 30 Plasma Battery --> 15 Plasma Batteries, 750 Armor Scrap --> 375 Armor Scraps in an unknown version.


  • A similar ship named the Hijacked Kodiak exists in the game, but its purpose is unknown.
  • The Kodiak used to be spawned at Lucifer Station by obtaining an item through the quest Dining In Hell. It had 18,000 Shield and 18,000 Hull and was equipped with 4 Kodiak Lasers and 4 Kodiak Cannons. The Kodiak also had 8 Medium Torpedoes and 4 Huge Phasers as Spinals, similarly to the current version. The Kodiak previously dropped up to 5 Kodiak Armor Plates, a material previously used to create the Kraken through the questline Depthbreaker.
  • Has an admin variant, called the Kodiak A, which has way less HP and smaller hitbox than the Kodiak boss
  • Referring to the turret change, the Kodiak and Kraken share turret models and sounds, most notably the railguns, although with different projectile coloring, turret coloring/texturing, and size.
  • It is possible for Kodiak (along with Galleon, X-0, Decimator and Punisher) to spawn all at once at the start of a new round if at least 240 minutes had passed until the start of end game.
  • One of the only 3 ships that has an affiliation with the alien race Slarfie, the other ships being the Hevnetier and the Slipstream.