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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.


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This article describes the player-owned ship, not an actual NPC vessel. For the NPC boss with the same model, see Decimator.

The Obliterator is an Alien-themed Dreadnought available to players.


The Obliterator is a Dreadnought themed off of the Decimator with Alien turrets, but with different stats than the ship it is derived from.


The Interior of the Obliterator is well detailed, and consists of a pilot seat identical to that seen on Prototype X-2. There is a large wall at the front embedded in force field material, imprinted on it is "WELCOME, USER!"(like the Prototype X-2) and the Kneall faction symbol. There is also a scrolling sidebar of text near the top of the front wall, informing the pilot of alien ships in the immediate area that UNE is offering a 700,000 credit reward for the successful capture of said ships. To the right of the pilot seat contains a board similar to that seen in the Mega Base for translating Kneall text to English, and to the left contains miscellaneous pictures of objects; including but not limited to: a diagram of a Kneall mechanical soldier (the ones you see at Aqueous II when it is level 1), and an image of a pizza slice holding balloons with a text description similar to the style of a documented SCP object. The back of the interior has a blast door behind some more strange force field material, although the teleporter to get out of the ship is located in front of the door.



  • Will be hunted due to its rarity and expense.
  • Limited, and very expensive Artifact cost.
  • Very inaccurate turrets; having similarly poor tracking accuracy against moving targets like Railguns, but with even worse base accuracy.
  • This ship struggles to be effective against ships any smaller than a Battleship without the help of good spinal aim, due to the very inaccurate turrets.
  • Due to its ambience, players may ask for you to despawn this ship.
  • The quest for the Kneall Core, which is required to build this ship is a one time quest and the item itself cannot be sold or transferred. Meaning that if you lose it, you lose it forever.


  • Only use this ship in a fleet or if you are 100% sure you wont be dived.
  • Watch out for swarms of small ships, as the ship is very vulnerable to them due to the inaccurate turrets.
  • Don't be reckless with this ship; due to it's limited classification and expense, it is a high priority target.

Version History


  • This ship has been referred to as the "Player Decimator" and "Prototype X-4"
  • The first person to lose an Obliterator was MessHerUp to a Starbase's Starhunter.
  • In the interior of the ship at the front wall, there is text written in alien language, spelling out "DECIMATOR" but backwards.
  • One of the pictures on the left wall in the interior is an image of the Chad Swarmer, an Admin Ship.
  • This ship is more powerful than its NPC counterpart(the Decimator), a unique quirk when you consider all player-ownable ships that have an NPC counterpart are weaker than the NPC ship that they are based off of, with the exception of the Obliterator.
  • Excluding Kraken, which gets its dps by incredibly slow moving Huge Torpedoes, this ship has the highest dps out of all dreadnoughts.